coming up with this blog

This is a second time I am creating blog. More than 1 year ago, Mye introduced me into blogging, and I had since then. I found blogging is great, and it has been a new hobby to me, making it interesting and all. It teaches me more about the net too. Vox was great, entries are easy to post, I have my own library, and the it easy to use, suits one who is new to blogging like me (no working on codes and html and all) However, after sometime I noticed there are certin things that I cant to or manage with vox. 1. Non member cannot leave me comment 2.I cant add more than 1 favourite widget 3.It doesnt show all my favourite links 4,I cant have my own template.
That is how this blog come up. Just want to make thing more interesting. However, there’s a few tips I want to share. First of all, the template I am using was downloaded from some blogger template website. I have chose a few other skins earlier, but this particular one I am using is the only one successfully uploaded. Well it seems this is my destiny then 😀 hehehe. But I had a few bumps upgrading it as well.. and at last, I found out that the templates cannot be upgraded or edited or been customised when I’m on my Mac. It can only be done on Window’s Internet Explorer, and this fact wasnt told in all those help tools and websites i’ve read. Thank you for all the responses and advices gave to me, but it is that simple-it doesnt work on Mac (hope the designer read this) What happened actually was some of the tabs doesnt appear as it was suppose to be, and there aren’t buttons there are suppose to be there on the site map..funny rite.. but that was what happened to me.
If there’s anyone has encountered this, it is actually that simple – runs on a different OS.

By the way, thanks to my husband who has help uploaded this template and fix the codes so it works.


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