green home – pica condo

I am a new addition to this project, Pica condo, a 4 tower condo@bayan mutiara a.k.a Queensbay area. Our head architect, Syed Hyder (masih bujang) drag me into this as the ID. The meeting I attended yesterday was very interesting as it was dicussing about Green Building certification. Our client plan to make this condo as the first condo in Penang having this cert of Green Building or it is called as Green Marks Certification. A consultant from Singapore came to give a review on our design. He, however would give a full advice on how to get points to pass the requirement (there are examiners that will look into the building, make assessment and give mark to the building) after been appointed by our client. Those passing 50 points will get the least cert. Oh, by the way, the cert has many levels too, in a simple way, it has like 2 star, 3 star, 4 star.. as such)

Some of the criteria mentioned yesterday in order to get the Green Building cert are (still basic as we haven’t appoint them yet):

– Landscape: Volume of trees of certain types of trees
– Glass walls and windows: Installing special film to reduce heating
– Cool paint: Apply a special paint that will reflect heat. This heat reduce could be calculated and proved with this usage of cool paint.. (i think this is super cool :P)
– As much as natural lighting and natural ventilation to the common area
– If all parties, architects, C&S, M&E and QS has the cert of ISO 14001 – 1 point will be given
– If manual is given to the residents of how to practice living in green concept – 1 point will be given
– Swimming pool – maintenance free and chlorine free
– Using mobile compactor and providing recycle bin
– Lighting load reduce
– Using solar panel to reduce power consumption

I will update these item form time to time. Before this, I was glad architects has awareness into green living, but it cant happen if developers are not willing to invest in it. I think it is great that our client want to do this, however, we are waiting for Penang CM to have a nod to do this this year.


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