zahraa’s first drawing

Zahraa loves to play with her Abah’s pen, and note day she scribbled on her palm, feet and cheek.. I am not sure whether 14 month old baby is ready for stationary or not, so I decided to try her on a magnetic drawing board..well, she seems know to use the thing ..

5 thoughts on “zahraa’s first drawing

  1. Hanim says:

    hehe finally can comment. kat this post la i tergelak u tulis 14 years…rasa cam anak dah besar je kan?

  2. MADAM:ZOORA says:

    hahahah 😀 silly this keyboard:P

  3. liz says:

    i got afya the small one waay before she’s one. I think they are always ready for stationaries.. cuma the question is whether or not WE are ready to clean the mess.. hahahaha. with magnetic board, no mess.. no problem ;)anyways, you can also use this like a flashcard, write and draw and say it out loud. trace her hand.. etc.. macam2 lah. it’s one of our favourite toy.

  4. MADAM:ZOORA says:

    thanks liz for the idea.. i treid the flash cards.. but she’s not so keen on cards.. nanti di abuat terabur and i err.. cant stand the mess as u said. She loves to flip books, with cards she cant do thats why maybe she’s not so into it.. but she is into posters, that is pinned at her eye level, love to point here and there 😛

  5. mye says:

    zoora, sarah dpt magnetic draw board ni recently for her bday. la ni dah pandai conteng the board guna crayon!!! saje je tau.. dia tahu kalau conteng pakai crayon susah nak hilang berbanding dgn pen yg came together with the magnetic board…sabo je lah…

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