coming soon??

It seem like our home-to-be construction is speeding up lately. That seems great..if we could move in earlier than expected, why our rental fees. I am quite excited/nervous/do no where to start with this house. It is my first time moving (moving in after marriage doesnt count – that was just 2 bag and 3 paper bags??) and of course first time to own a house. A place on our own.. cant imagine that yet. Renovating could take a lot of work and cost a lot too!!

This is the main entrace into the house. Look too big is it? Those square feet here should be shifted inside, I think
The bathroom at master bedroom

The master bedroom.. I dunno if we really need that sliding door? Err.. dont think will need to lepak outside, no one is smoking by the way

2nd bathroom. hmm i dont really fancy the tiling choice of the architect

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 2.. Zahraa’s room-to-be??

Corridor towards the rooms..quite narrow.. I plan to install book shelves here.. but err dont think it would fit

The living area and dining area

3rd toilet

4th room / utility..might turn into laundry room

Yeah!! my kitchen.. it look small to me, it seems not proportionate to the whole house…might need a renovation later

Another sliding door at the living hall.. got to spend a lot for curtain (and have fun choosing curtains!! yippie)

So these are the picture of our place to be… Thanks for these pictures, I took these from the blog

The pink building is Sri Malaysia hotel

There are little slack here and there.. but which building is not.. anyways I am grateful to have a place to stay.. there are still so many people being homeless in this world, and even inappropriate house in our country. So whatever it is, I’m so grateful to Allah for this rezeki. Hope the construction will be completed soon.


8 thoughts on “coming soon??

  1. Drama Mama says:

    zoora, kat mana ni? apa nama condo tu? is it d’piazza near to sunshine square? we almost bought that condo coz suka sangat tengok d layout plan. tapi siap 2009, masa aku nak beli dulu end of 2007 so rasa lambat sangat nak tunggu 2009.btw, nice house! layout almost the same like our house, ingatkan kau beli kat sini. berjiran lah kita..hehehe..

  2. MADAM:ZOORA says:

    ala.. ni yang dekat pisa tu.. opposite ofis pdc..konon nak jalan kaki pergi kerja.. ok la kot, sbb dekat to everything, and lebih murah berbanding yg lain.. layout ok la..tapi its high density..mesti rasa lain.. yang aku duduk sekarang tak sampai 100 unit pun, privacy sgt, best

  3. Drama Mama says:

    oh ya, d’piazza la tu kan? betul la..masa aku gi tengok dulu depa kata ramai melayu beli kat situ. best la, umah aku ca ya nun alif ja ramai. melayu sangat minority, tapi tak kisah la..aku bukan rajin bersosial ngn jiran2 sangat pon haha. but my neighbours are all nice lah.btw, aku buat wardrobe tu ngn Simfur Design, dia nya show room opposite BJ Complex. One of the terrace houses, dia cat kaler orange. kalau kau nak nanti aku mintak fon no dari husband aku k. price dia reasonable aku rasa murah la berbanding kontraktor lain yg kitorang tanya. workmanship pon good.

  4. MADAM:ZOORA says:

    oo ye ke? laa.. dia contractor aku punya project id.. mmg dia ok .. takpe.. aku dah ada no πŸ˜€ thanks

  5. kayla says:

    zoora, u have 2 balconies ke? yey! balcony mini garden!

  6. MADAM:ZOORA says:

    oh. rite.. a garden.. i can have like 2 gardens??? hahahah like i could plant anything.. need you guys to pretty up my balcony then πŸ˜› .. had you did anything on balconies???

  7. kayla says:

    i’ve never designed any balcony yet. dulu masa dok ukay perdana had a small balcony, so managed to put in a small bamboo je to give it some greet touch. actually masa duduk utm pun ada balcony, tp letak pokok je la coz bajet pun takde. walau satu pokok, it really changed the living room, coz of the green view. ha, tu kak bai kita ada di penang jugak tu. so apa lagi bai! boleh la ko designkan balcony zoora! eiii syok nye… hehehe… zoora, if u want to see some of caoi’s landscape works utk rumah2, u can visit but these are rumah2 atas ‘tanah’ la.. rumah atas ‘kayangan’ belum dpt lagi hihihi

  8. mye says:

    oih. zahra nyer bilik comes with kelambu purple!(kidding!)ko dah boleh start buat sketch up of ur future i.d. ni!kayla….aku nyer pokok2 courtyard satu persatu tombang, huhu…. org semua kata tiles tu panas, so pokok mati, abih tu…takkan aku nak gi pecah tiles tanam rumput kot??

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