a busy week

I had a busy week .. and that’s gonna continue till June. I am now working on this proposal on a commercial condo in Bayan Baru..right in front of our condo-to-be.. leceh betul.. I am so jealous…that seems to be a nicer one than ours 😛 ergh.. tapi takpelah.. for sure the one we already had is far cheaper than this.. but this is still under proposal, will be launch next year, after planning approval that was targeted by September. So seems I got somehting big in hand at the moment. I kinda hate this.. its kinda big, I should be happy with it… But the thing is, no architect want this project because initially they dont want to work with ‘the top’ project manager… well, if you know what I mean. So.. back to square-all project that is unwanted by other architect goes to me…just like old times…

Kesian this only lady – referring to myself – sort of kena buli

But whatever.. I’m gonna take this challenge.. tak kisah la whatever happen… well, Mr project manager, like it or not.. I’m the only one you have now..so take it or leave it (i prefer you leave it, then my life would be better off without this)


3 thoughts on “a busy week

  1. Drama Mama says:

    zura, apa eh nama condo tu? the One kan? abang aku ada survey2 nak beli and dia cakap macam best, but it’s on commercial land kan?so is d’piazza rite? good luck anyway with the project! nanti kau leh cakap, aku lah architect utk condo ni. hehehe

  2. mye says:

    bila time2 mcm ni la kena ingat balik…. jadikan kerja sbg ibadat, baru la akan buat bersungguh-sungguh! (i’m telling myself here. huhu…)

  3. MADAM:ZOORA says:

    bukan the one tu. yg tu dah jalan dah. ni yg sekarang ada parking lot.. akan ditukar kepada commercial/residential. Yup.. aku pun cuba jugak anggap kerja ibadah.. but what if: design yg kita buat tu adalah untuk space disco and ruangan commercial untuk org lepak dan bersosial..apakah???

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