what a week

So sorry for no updates .. even for the ayat quran of the day . been busy all this weekend. tomorrow is a busy too.. but i will try to make up. i will.. insyallah

This weekend is great.. bestnya cuti 3 hari.. it was like the proposal to Kementerian Rumah Tangga (what was the name again?? Masyarakat kot) that i’ve discussed with Mye.. konon to have a petition on working 4 days only for mothers and 3 days off.. wow.. best giler.. hahaah On Friday I went to Sunshine with Zahraa, only the two of us.. (they’re having sale) and in the eve, we both slept, so long.. I am tired of BWing her for hours and also running after her (so that she does not clutter all the clothes and shoes on the rack)
On Saturday after breakfast we went to Queensbay, to get my Bodyshop stuff and have a peek to the clearance sale at Toys R us.. Hubby didnt let me buy that umbrella stroller for Zahraa (huhuhuh they are in pink butterfllies!! Dah la pink and butterflies!! cant men understand this.. no no no.. actually it was all because it is so damn light and easy to fold, easy to get on planes) Then after that we went to Feringghi to attend Syed’s lil sister’s georgous wedding (and Syed is still available.. anyone????) In the evening, we tok Zahraa to the pool and practice her for the firt time with the arm band floats. (will have another entry for this) At night, after prayers, its then DVD time!!! yeah!!!
On Sunday, after breakfast, we met my sister, then we went to Bukit Jambul Complex.. again, to get DVD.. heheheh and the day is filled with rest and watch dvd.. 😀

sukanya… 😀


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