welcome zea

congratulation to naa…and zaidan for the addition of zea zulaikha in their family.. alhamdulillah she arrived today, 5th May 2009.. err.. around 4 pm maybe.. i was in a meeting.. hope mummy and baby is in great health.. moga sihat dan jadi anak solehah aminnnnnn

3 thoughts on “welcome zea

  1. Sws says:

    Salam Zura.. aku pun tgh meeting M&E, Archi And I.D coordination masa tu, habis je meeting dpt message tentang kelahiran Zea Zulaikha ni.. Subhanallah.. Best nya Naa and Zaidan.. dah sepasang permata Hati.. Tahniah to All Mummies in the world!! Happy Mother's Day!! Allahu Akhbar!!!

  2. MADAM:ZOORA says:

    yeah.. happy mothers day to yo.. moga kita dpt mendidik anak2 kita menjadi ahli2 syurga:D

  3. mye says:

    seri semangat waja!!! lol! Allahuakbar!! *echo*echo*

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