baby wearing vs baby strolling ?

I just been told that there’s this war happening between mothers.. all begin when a mother condemn baby wearing in her blog.. Well.. that’s her blog, so she ought to say what she want to say..(you all know were this blog is, right?) Now, this is my blog.. So I guess I could also write whatever I want right??

First of all, let me tell you all from my own experience.. I wear my baby since she was 3 months old. It doesn’t matter what brand or what type of sling it is.. but it is baby wearing which is no stroller involve at all.. and I still wear her until this recent day.. she is now 14 months, up and running naughty lil girl.. but yes, I still do wear her around.. to get her to our car, doing groceries, shopping and what not.. As she is walking already, of course she is in and out from the sling all the time. I have found wearing her is easy..its easy to control her eg to retain her from messing the shoe rack at shopping complexes, its easy to keep her safe e.g from getting lost in between those crowd, its easy for me to carry her and all her nursery stuff, and its easy for daddy to get her in and out so she could play around..

In other words, babywearing suits our lifestyle, it suits where we usually go.. it suits our daughter too.. and it suits where we live. To us, getting strollers in and out of the car is difficult (we have small car) and getting it up and down the house is difficult (we live up in the sky). So babywearing has been helping us a lot all this while. Some people wear their baby because the baby refuse to be in the stroller, but nope.. Zahraa love strollers.. she had real fun being in it.. but slings has helped us to make our life easier.. and Zahraa enjoy being with me or her father.. she could choose stuffs at the highest level.. she could pick her own biscuits from the shelves. Of course she couldn’t tell us how it felt like.. So one day I let my 3 year old niece being in Zahraa’s sling (she is a Maclaren rider) and the girl says “bestnya duduk dalam ni..” Kids get excited when they are as tall as us.. But what the heck, these are just my own experience..

Mothers at Malaysia babywearers have their own stories and their own experience wearing their toddlers. And of course none of them has ever condemn strollers, in fact they are using them too.. what the Malaysian babywearers are trying to say is.. baby slings could helped and depending on strollers at the whole time are not possible. Daily life sometime require more than sit back and relax on a pushed seat. Aint I’m rite ladies?

But the question at war now is about child’s exploration. Of course if you read anywhere in parenting resources website.. you could see or read items such as ‘if you notice your kid is afraid of strangers, hold her with you and talk her around the park or grocery store. Let her see how you talk to people and socialize. This could help her social development’. And what more could help this other than babywearing. Just ask or see yourself children that has been wear by their parents.. I never seen one who walk after 1.5 years old, and I never seen any kids who hide behind mothers and being very passive. Children do develop differently, but the development does not 100% depends on whether you carry her nor push her in strollers.

In my personal opinion, if one is giving opinion, hope it is base on their experience, or things that they’ve seen, and not by making assumptions. This could create havoc among us all. I thought mummy bloggers unite ????? We could learn form others and share the knowledge.. take the best from others. There is no rite and wrong in parenting your own kids.. they are yours, you decide… but condemning others is not a nice thing to do.

The end


8 thoughts on “baby wearing vs baby strolling ?

  1. Drama Mama says:

    zura, mana blog yang condemn baby wearing nih? email jap link dia kat aku nak baca points dia berkata begitu…

  2. MADAM:ZOORA says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. what a pathetic mommy…biarlah luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya..hehe..

  4. Drama Mama says:

    haha zoora..patut lah, orang kampung yang masuk bandar diyana azman nih. tengok rupa pun dah tahu. terbawak2 perangai kekampungannya, biar la pakai handbag LV pun (ke berangan ja kot nak beli tu).btw, no point lah layan orang macam nih. no matter what dia akan point out mistake orang lain, tapi tak sedar yang 4 jari lain menunjuk ke arah diri sendiri. Tuhan ja bole balas perangai orang camtu.p/s : aku rasa anak dia tu terlebih buas kot sbb tu takleh nak babywear..hehehe

  5. ibuhannah says:

    Hi there,First of all, I hope this msg is received well by everyone as I’m not here gangstering this blog.I’m sorry but I think it’s not fair to bitch about ppl like that. Diyana’s a friend. And I know she’s in no way intended to disrespect anyone. I’ve read her post on babywearing many times and pay attention, she only used ‘I think, I, our son, my son, we, my baby’. There is no way she refers to any of you. Plus, she was just putting her two cents (pendapat) about babywearing in the post. Let her say whatever she wants in her blog ok. Don’t go out commenting and ngumpating her by saying all those not-so-nice words about her and her son. Seriously ladies.. You are better than that. DramaMama, sampai cakap dia kampung, anak dia buas and tuhan je bole balas..apekah tu? It’s unnecessary kan? Let her be. We can say whatever we want in our blog but don’t go on bitching each other. Hope everybody is well. Jangan ambil hati ye.. Sekadar nasihat untuk diri sendiri dan kawan2…Salaam sayang di pagi Jumaat..

  6. Anonymous says:

    well said, ibuhannah.. and of course many would have agree with you.. but from what i know.. these mummies had not gone mad thru the entry that diyana had wrote.. but thru the way she reply comments from other readers.. as if no one at all could have a say towards what she wrote, and she replied in a such a sarcatic way.. that made the others blow up

  7. Wow. I was not aware that there are fanatics out there. I thought everyone was entitled to their own opinion. After reading D1y@na’s entry, I did not find anything offending the ‘babywearing community’. It was just her opinion on her ownself(since she did say that they carry their baby too, but did not say that baby wearing shouldn’t be done). PLUS if you read through her writing style, you would know that she writes that way…kinda with a sarcastic edge. But that is her STYLE of writing so the newbies who came over and read on what she had to say should’ve not retaliated in an unnecessary way.Anyway, whatever method chosen to bring the baby around, it is totally up to the mother. same as feeding the baby(this is an entirely whole monster of a topic itself but let us not divert!).I am a single lady, so my opinion is totally unbiased. I think it is extremely unnecessary to comment on the person or the persons’ child either as you don’t even know the person. Not to sound pious or anything but seriously, to seek forgiveness from a person you don’t even know is kinda tough right? And mengumpat is a sin.I hope that this is a lesson learnt. May Allah give us light and wash our souls of our sins. Amin.

  8. Drama Mama says:

    haha was just giving my two cents, like what EVERYONE ELSE did, never thought people WOULD get offended by THAT. i guess when others get offended when their babies were described as koala stucked on trees , it was okay coz they were no friends of yours kot? *wink*whatever it is, i’m just gonna quote a friend of mine “biarlah luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya *wink*

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