Alhamdulillah.. I am very grateful today.. and very happy indeed…
1. My presentation went smoothly and the clients are satisfied with it
2. I got my abaya!!!! yeah !!! Gotcha mr poslaju.. kena dtg lagi hari ni.. 😛
3. Ada orang belanja secret recipe
4. Ada orang belanja domino piza
5. Zahraa naik kelas.. half day kelas toddler, half day kelas baby
6. Receive 1st payment of jualan kain 😛 ahaks


3 thoughts on “alhamdulillah…syukur…

  1. Liz says:

    owh seriously.. I’m so jealous with #4! I want dominoes pizza too. New York crust.. yummeehhhhh!!congratulations on the smooth presentation. annnnddd.. you’re selling kain?!

  2. wah syoknya makan..makan..n makan lagi

  3. MADAM:ZOORA says:

    makan lagi dan lagi dan lagi.. sampai buncit :P.. hahahaahselling kain 😛 a lil bit only … just trying out my luck in business.. got 4 kains left.. nak tgk ke 😛

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