zahraa is almost 16 months

Oh, as I was writing the previous entry, I also notice that I havent update Zahraa’s milestone for quite sometime.. at least here in blogspot.. Maybe because it seems like she’s been growing up so fast lately and did so many new things i just cant catch her up 😛

First of all.. she has a lot og teeth now… hahah thats what people say when they met her.. (wahhh, banyaknya gigi…..) She has all the 8 tiny srmy at the front :D, 4 molar, and 3 incissors is coming … so, with that.. she is now eating adult food. I did still make her porridge to school everyday and she had it it for lunch.. but she actually now had joined the toddler class having breakfast. Usually it will be nasi goreng, or bihun, or toast, and many more. She ate table food now, so its now easy to tkae her anyway.. no more tapau congee from home.

2. Hmm she was all up and running.. dan boleh main kejar kejar and hide and seek also.. she also did funny stuff like going forward and backward.. for and back again, especially in the lift.. hahah very funny indeed.

3. Every time tok wan call (which is almost everyday) she will ask whether Zahraa is now talking.. as usual.. nope… she’s not.. all she did say everyday was.. tappetab bitap tap beta petap bitap.. things like that.. her only vocabs are

mama – mama
abah, babah – abah
abah – for abang
kakak – kakak
isshhh – fish
birk – bird
erk erk – is woof woof of a doggy
iti – siti the cat

4. She is now trying to dress herself up.. but she just can put a shirt over her head so far.. her legs never could get in those pants she’s trying.. 😀 But now, instead of running away to be dressed, she put her feet up to me, making things easier for me :P. (but of course there’s still days that i had to chase her around the house to her dressed)

And of course there’s more lil things she did.. she’s behaving like a bigger girl now.. 😀


5 thoughts on “zahraa is almost 16 months

  1. Drama Mama says:

    zahra dah besorrrrr…zahra nak adik tak?hahahaha

  2. ZOORA says:

    zahra kat a.. hm boleh jugak ..:D hahahahha

  3. Sheffa says:

    Irtiza nak masuk 17mths =) tpnyer,dia still nak makan porridge.huhuuh..taknak adult food laie..huhup/s: i thought iti = siti nurhaliza..hehehe

  4. Drama Mama says:

    hahaha…tu confirm mama zahra yang cakap tu, zahra tak terlibat :-p

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