brags about bags

from top left : Jimmy Choo, Moschino, Selvatore Ferragamo, Stella Mccartney, Salt Medallion, Luella, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacob
There are so many handbags in the market and on the net.. but why is it so hard to choose just one bag??? I am one of those.. I am no bag-o-holics.. but I do love to browse on bags. I never own the ‘ultimate’ handbag in my life.. either of them would be too rugged, too oldies, wrong colour, too big, too short handle and bla bla bla.. Maybe because I never really ‘invested’ to a bag that I really really in love with. Normally I just grab whatever in my budget, or its on 50% discount, and what not. What actually ladies look in handbag???

To me, the criteria that I looked into a handbag:

1. I wont get a clutch

2. The straps – it should be just nice, not too long, not to short..comfortable shoulder strap

3. Size – size various to what the handbag is for.. for shopping purpose: it should be big enough to take in my stuffs and Zahraa’s stuff and the famous sling. For work – it depends.. as long as it could fit an organizer or diary and stationaries. For function – small, just enough for wallet, camera and handphone

4. Brand – ????? I dont really go for brand .. e.g : I am a Prada girl.. no no.. I would take anything (but if possibel not LV) I dont mind wearing the not-in-trend bag as well or not-so-famous bag as long as it doesnt says ‘beg cap ping pong’

5. Authenticity – ???? I dont give a damn.. I dont mind wearing the replica or the original bag.. I knew some ladies that would go..’ha???? tiruan.. malunya nak pakai…. kalau orang tua nanti camana’ wel.. of course la orang tau kan.. (takkan la si zura tu mampu kot beg 5 ribu) hahahahha

6. Shape – I do care for shapes.. i dont like those saddle shape bags. I notice that most of my bags are either squarish, rectangular in shape. I might wanna try other shape.. but usually my eyes doenst falls on those

7. Style – Style as in casual, chic, formal, classy, vintage, whatever. I would choose for mmmm.. I’ve been craving for those rugged chic handbags, but I knowwww that my husband dont like those :P. heheh so I would go for a-play-safe style .. either casual.. can use it for whatever case 😛

8. Style – oh.. as in tote, clutch, shoulder.. you mean??? I would go for shoulder, definitely

9. Colour – I love colours!!! I dont mind wearing unique colour and non-the-norm. But usually when I shop either friends or Zahrein would say ‘ha?? takkan nak pakai kaler tu.. susah macthing la..’ or ‘ish.. berani ke nak pakai merah ni???’ at last I played safe tooo… 😛 So far I had brown, black, colourful patchworks and ivory (not yet dare for white)

10. And of course price – I am totally not investing in thousand of ringgit bags

Cureently I am looking for going to work bag, that could be drag to meeting, seminars and conference too…. (erghhh susahnya nak pilih)

Lets drool for some pics okay. From Left to right: Alexis Hudson, Antik Abtik Mugu, Bulga butterfly, Alexander McQueen and Celine

These are mong that I like.. halloooo of course I am not buying one of these 😛 .. inmy dreams.. hahahha just drool ok.. i thougt net-a-porter drove ladies crazy.. but I think Shopstyle could have got ladies gone mad :P!!! LOLs

4 thoughts on “brags about bags

  1. mye says:

    oooh. i like beg boolat yg ada corak2 pink/brown tu! totally a handbag i would own during uni years! haha..

  2. Drama Mama says:

    i love the antik abtik mugu, so unique lah the name, and it's colorful!!! yummy!!aku skarang pakai handbag besar only everywhere i go even to kenduri's, coz i always need to carry irfan's and hubby's stuff. hmph!

  3. ZOORA says:

    yup. betul.. being a mummy makes us change the whole wardrobe including handbag.yup.. love the mugu!!

  4. KittyCat says:

    Hahaha…it takes me ages to buy a bag esp a good one because it's expensive. My taste is pretty simple which means it's quite hard for me to find a nice bag! I just found one though and really happy about it ;-)Good luck with your hunt! All my bags (work or otherwise) have been BLACK and basic, which is why Hubby thinks I'm boring LOLI think he'll find you pretty interesting because your taste is so colourful…

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