colour direction 2009/2010

I attended a workshop by Nippon Paint last week @ EQ Penang. I had some great tips on interior design and mostly on colours.. So I shared with you all here some of the notes I took during the seminar


The CGM or color marketing group is a group of people that decide colours for marketing. They are so called-colour casters.

A trend colour has a lifecycle.
Evergreen colours are long term and never-end-trend.

For Asia Pacific, the ‘in’ colour in 2009 are Expresso colour, or brown with a green hint. For the list of colours in 2009/2009 Asia Pacific:

1. Brown with green tint – neutral colours – 151A
2. Yellow base brown – 5022T
3. Green brown, or a golden version of green – Aged Bronze – 132A
4. Grey or black with a purple tint – Turned earth 4203D
5. Field stone – natural taupe-beige – 4014T
6. Hush White- natural-taupe-beige or white with a tint of warm colours – a warmer white – OW221P
7. Knockout red – the classic imperial red – 261A
8. Lavender posy – lavender with the influence of pink – 6151P
9. Red bark – traditional brown with red base – 182A
10. Evergold – yellow-green crisp – 1033D
11. Meadow Daisy – in between yellow and orange – 251A
12. Fire princess – pink with orange tone – 7103D
13. Blue thunder – mineral colour blue – 202A
14. Pool side – clear brilliant blue – 1142T
15. Golden sage – brown influence green
16. Transition green – yellow base green


1. Red plus orange – coral, tomato, red bark
2. Range plus coral – a bit of pinky – colour of flamingo
3. Yellow-orange base – golden
4. Green – with yellow base and olive green
5. Blue – clearer blue, lighter blue and peacock blue
6. Purple – red base purple, more to violet shade
7. Brown – yellow base brown

2010 colours

1. Clay vessel 4092T
2. Dark chestnut 4173D
3. Bradford brown 4193D
4. Stoker gray 4243D
5. Swan wing OW11P
6. English rose 232A
7. Drama red 271A
8. Cotillion red 263A
9. Melted butter 7051P
10. Plum Jam 5172T
11. Narjavo Turqoise 41A
12. Blue purple 244A
13. Porcelain blue 241A
14. Citreous vind 14A
15. Sandle tan 3032D
16. Evening pool 74A
17. Green trail 3104T
18. Goldsmith 7052T

Sorry i cant get the colour here.. just the name of it


2 thoughts on “colour direction 2009/2010

  1. liz says:

    I was looking for this (and I can't even remember why) but couldn't find it. Thank you so much for the list! Although i dunno what I can do with it.. hahah.. hmm.. should I repaint my house now..?

  2. 123 123 says:

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