i havent blog on movie reviews for quite some time. And recently we watched quite some movies.. mostly from dvds. And there’s also outdoor movie recently 😀 which was a shock to my self that we finally manage to watch.. after almost 1.5 years no visit to the GSC 😛

1. Syurga Cinta
Zahraa’s first movie – I mean@ the cinema.. she sat quietly half of the movie, and the other she’s busy climbing up and down the stairs. This story is simple and predictable..almost like any bad boy meets good girl story.. but the different is the script. they have a good script, that watching this, u’ll get to learn something from it.

2. Jangan pandang belakang congkak
Also took zahraa to the movie.. but she screamed and cried..those sound effects scares her. So me made a deal.. taking half day off, and while Zahraa is at the nursery, we had a date to watch this. (the first ever date after Zahraa’s arrival) THe movie is entertaining, ok la.. quite funny but none the scary of course. ots of songs and singing in between the plot

3. Confession of a shopaholic..
At last, last month i’ve wathced it… I am a fan of sophie kinsella and has all the shopaholic series (favorite: in manhattan and baby.. oh, and tie the knot too) I am quite disspointed with the movie..everything was cut short, and Becky didnt look as desperate, and as clumsy as she is the books. Reading the books I could laugh my heart out.. but watching the movie.. it was like.. ‘errr..ok’ dunno how to describe this. I could read the books again and again.. but for the movie – I think once is enough.

cant remember what we watched. mostly action movies of course. will continue this later then


5 thoughts on “movies

  1. kayla says:

    lil zahraa went to see jangan pandang belakang??? tak takut ke? auntie kayla ni ha pun tak penah tgk lagi… tiap kali nak tgk masa kat kl dulu takut nanti akan takut if kena tinggal sorang2 kat rumah! hehehe.. zoora, dah tgk muvi 'he's just not that into you'? kat sini dvd utk sewa dah kuar, but asik sold out je… tgk trailer dia dulu mcm best, ramai pelakon best2 gak.

  2. ZOORA says:

    my ofismet wathced . tapi dia kata mcm boring sket.. ceiter mcm slow moving.. as usual, the book is better.. miss you've got mail!!! 😀

  3. mye says:

    kayla!!! aku baru dl 'he's just not that into you'! kamal kata tu chic flick dia xmoh tgk. hoorayyy boleh tgk chic flick!! haha (time2 gini xkuasa nak tgk cerita2 berat kepala otak…lagi la citer yg suspen2 berantu ni..hehe..)apsal ko xtgk star trek lagi zoora?

  4. kayla says:

    i love chick flick!! tgk sorang2 pun boleh! boleh senyum sorang2… hehehe… which reminds me, nak kena gi sewa movie tu before weekend (murah n hopefully ada stock!)uhh aku pun tak tgk star trek lagi. aritu igt nak tgk kat imax. delay punya delay, ni transformer plak nak kuar kat imax. uih, angels n demon pun tak tgk lagi. eeii byk nye tak tgk lagi ni! kena start buat list!

  5. ZOORA says:

    aku pun terigin nak tgk star trek – sbb sylar berlakon .. 😛

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