zahraa today

Since she’s in the toddler class now, I notice difference in her :D. She now prefers to eat on her own, rather than being fed. She prefers to bring her own plate to the dining, and she make less mess. Whenever i said “Zahraa.. lets change your diaper..” or “Zahraa.. jom mandi” she will go straight to our room, or to the toilet. She sleeps earlier and wake up only once or twice.. (thanks sweetie) When she’s playing on her own, i notice she imitates the pictures or sometimes tries to wear her shirt.. and sometime I caught her trying to make pieces of papers into whatever art work. And not to mention she’s been more and more acive..sometime I just cant catch up.. jst let her do what she wants and I’l clean up later.

I think she has gain some weight too.. maybe because she now eats 4 times a day :P.. and I think the 14 teeth she has now helps. I am shocked that she loves onions.. whenever she ate fried mee, or omelet, she’s pick up all the onions first, then the carrot, then the meat and then only the noodle or egg.

Its just that she didnt say much.. of course she babbles a lot.. but whatever she says, she has her own translation to it.. new vocab: ediiberrr – ladybird, orss – horse, kitty – kitten, miii – milk, ishh – fish, oos – shoes

And till now, I still have no idea what is tattebaaa, which she always say this.. but we dont have any idea what is it

At this moment I need to solve this two issue :
1. Taking her back home – everyday, she refuse to leave school..whenever I got her to school, she’ll be ignoring me and run straight in.. and every evening when Zahrein went sayin..”Zahraa!!! Abah datang!! Jom balik nak??” she run in to the furthers class.. nd you;; know what happen next rite.. struggles and cries to get her into the car.

2. I have got no idea what to feed her!! Since both of us didnt eat much at dinner, so I’ve got no idea what else to feed Zahraa. It has always been scrambled egg or omelete with different fillings.. or fried macaroni, or fried noodle.. other than that.. no idea… šŸ˜›

Help me with these ok


4 thoughts on “zahraa today

  1. Drama Mama says:

    spaghetti with mince meat and sayur2?and perhaps u can try different recipes of potatoes, kalau dia suka potato lah. aku bagi nasik ja, at times cheese sandwich. irfan suka!

  2. ZOORA says:

    yeah.. been feeding her spaghetti too.. hmm a simple cheese sandwich sounds great la.. bubuh cheese je ke???

  3. mye says:

    roti canai! aku slalu keep in stock frozen roti phrata cap kawan. sarah suka makan cicah dgn kuah sardin….(pastu kutip bawang dlm kuah tu. suka betul dia mkn bawang!)

  4. ZOORA says:

    ha.. thats a great idea!!! cool!! ok aku akan beli roti canai cap kawan.. femes betul cap kawan nih.. aah la.. aku pun pelik pasai apa la zahraa suka sgt ngan bawang tuh

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