Good bye michael

At last the day comes..where the whole world says goodbye to Michel Jackson. His memorial was held great and been watched throughout the world last nite (of course I dint watch, just catch up glimpse thru the net) His death was a shocking one, and his memorial was so emotional. Me myself actually cant believe that he is gone. Actually, he has been out of action for quite sometime, but he seems to always be there to me. That is what an icon is, I think. But I am sure that he’s just gone in life and time, but in everyone heart, and in the industry itself.. there’s always be Michael Jackson, a non-replaceable King of Pop.

I am sure after this, there’s be numerous of look-a-like hunt, Michael wannabe, and a biography movie about him. But one that is sure is, the rise of his kids, which has been kept in veil for years. Now they’ve some to surface, and the whole world want to know how was is been living with Michael.. and how was it being without Michael. Hope those kids have the faith to be strong, to be famous at young age just like their father ( I pity Blanket.. he seems lost during the memorial.. )

But! Is is true that Michael will be buried as a Muslim as claimed? I really want to see a picture, or a video to prove this.


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