second time wont be the same

Yes, world.. I am now pregnant. Alhamdulillah.. this is a gift to us. A bless. But this is still at an early stage, just 9 weeks going 10. Hope friends and families will pray together with us, may I and and the tiny being inside is healthy.

It is totally a different drama now. Last time, at 6 weeks, I was vomiting like a crazy women, and fell asleep anywhere anytime, even by the roadside. That was an experience I had, when I had Zahraa.. This time, I am hungry almost all the times. I never vomit even once yet, just feeling nausea (this time I tell myself, dont vomit, dont no fun at all and the psycho works..hahaha) But its the same fatigue, body ache.. and discomfort you know where, bad appetite (even tho hungry???) But this time, I dont think I lost any weight, like last pregnancy. In fact I think I’m healthy and ‘ballooning’ hahahhaah (hubby used the term I’m ‘growing’ 😛 )

During the first pregnancy, I had all the time to rest.. as much as I needed. To sleep as early as 8 helped a lot, and to sleep on weekends was a total bless. But, being pregnant with a hyper 17 months dotter makes me feel helpless…:P. I cant have all the rest I wanted, (even hubby had helped to ease me, as much as he could) and I have to wrestle with he as well.. leaving me out of energy at the end of the day. Since we knew I got pregnant again, zahraa has been a different girl.. she’s a super-cant-sit-still lil girl. She’s always climbing on something (even on me) and she started to request for so many things. She running here and there even in the house, and she wants attention at all times. Maybe she realized that she had another 7 months to conquer mama and abah. 😛

But in the other hands, it might be something positive too, being preoccupied with Zahraa all the times. That leave me no time to worry, no time to layan myself with the morning sickness, and simply no time to feel sick. What I know, I have to be up and running every morning, as usual, pregnant or not.

Hope I’ll be stronger in the coming weeks. So that nothing change much for Zahraa to notice, and so that our home to keep on ‘alive’. Hope Allah be with me thru this.. amin

By the way, I’m excited!!1 Its gonna be 2010 baby!!! 😀 Zahraa’s birthday is 08.02.08 .. hmmm how does 20.01.2010 look??? hahahahahahah kidding


12 thoughts on “second time wont be the same

  1. Drama Mama says:

    CONGRATS!!!wahhhh…semua pregnant nih, haruskan aku jugak! wakakakakka

  2. keen says:

    zoora…u're pregnant again..? huhu congrats congrats..u know planning to get pregnant again just because i cant stand the pressure in the office right now..kalau aku pregnant aku leh buat suka hati jer nnt..hehe,jahat tak? tapi agaknya niat x betul so Allah belum makbulkan,do take care ya,and congrats again!!

  3. kayla says:

    congrats zoora! wahh soon zahra's going to be a big sis yee.. kena start training dari skrg la mcm ni. congrats again ya dear 🙂

  4. Hanim says:

    congrats!! hehe korang pakat2 pregnant same time ke? U&Mye sure leh gi shopping sama2.

  5. Tahniah, bestnye. Welcome to the club 😀

  6. ZOORA says:

    bai : aah.. you seriously kena preggy jugak!!!keen: rezeki tak disangkan ni. aku doakan ko preggy jugak okay. tapi betull org preggy mmg dpt special treatment kat office :Dkayla: yup.. we seriously have to train zahraa jadik kakak!! start with sleepin on her own :PHanim: yup. mye had spread the virus 😛 .. well.. since you've wean arianna.. jom la join !!!aishah: thank you.. hehehehthank you all!!!

  7. Sheffa says:

    congrats Zura! 🙂 Irtiza pon dah 18mths,tp blum ada rezeki utk adik lagik..hihiihi

  8. syaz says:

    just read about this..zoora!! congratssss!!!

  9. mye says:

    waduh…aku pulak yg kena…keke..apapun CONGRATS BDAY MUMMY! 😉

  10. neeza says:

    congrate zura.. oh no wonder la zahraa threw tantrum.. nak dapat adik rupa nyer.. heheh.. take care ok 🙂

  11. ZOORA says:

    sheffa, syaz, neeza, mye: thanks ladies 😀 ..

  12. azura says:

    congrat zura ..:-) best nya nak dapat baby lagi..doakan diriku cepat2 dapat anak ye..huhu..setahun dh tunggu..

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