colouring tips

Oh.. i tot i already post this entry.. its not posted rupanya… ok.. to help those who might need them.. here’s colouring tips

Attributes of colour

1. Hue
2. Value – lighter or darker (high value: white tint, low value: black tint)
3. Chroma/saturation – clean or dirtiness of a colour

New info :

Metamerism – A pair of colour that do not match in different light

Colours jumps out more on black compared to on white background. This is called simultaneous contrast

Colours always takes effect of the opposite colour tint. For example, put a red sofa against a grey wall, the grey wall will have a bluish tint (blue is the opposite of red in the colour wheel)

Colour and spaces

1. Meeting and conference room – warm colour – stimulate activities
2. Spa – deep lavender, blue – relaxing colours
3. Dining – deep purple
4. Restaurants – orange and warms colours – stimulate appetite
5. Bedrooms- relaxing colours

Colour tips

– Green and brown is always a good combination for interior
– Red colour increase 15% of human’s heart beat, and it increase speed
– Yellow- too much of yellow cause fatigue because it is the brightest colour human can identify
– Brown – a down to earth colour – match with almost everything
– Black, white and grey – contemporary colours, shows simple statement with pristine feel

How to choose colour concept?

1. First, choose a colour as a starting point
2. Second, choose a scheme

Colour schemes:

1. Monochromatic : colours that in the same group, but different hue. Such as white, navy blue, light blue, dark blue. This scheme is a never go wrong colour concept
2. Complementary colour : 2 colours of the opposite sites in the colour wheel. Such as green and red
3. Adjacent colours : Colours from the neighboring slot in the colour wheel. Such as yellow, orange, red
4. Triadic colours : 90 degree colour from the wheel. Such as blue and green


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