air asia – worst experience

We were suppose to fly back at 4.30pm.. then we got an sms saying it will be delayed till 5.30pm.. yyup, as air asia always did. When we arrived at the LCCT, it was packed full of people, and the check in took almost 1 hour!! what a slow service, and what an uncomfortable place to wait. It is full, and very every noisy!!! Felt like vomiting while waiting. I was glad when the check in was done…

But!!!! It was not a happy drama that day.. we had to wait in the departure hall until 7 pm!!!! the hall was damn packed, people are sitting on the floor. Poor zahraa, she was so board, she ran here and there, entertaining herself.. and poor Zahrein, had to chase for her all the way. She gets hungry too, poor her. From the departure hall to the aircraft was a very long way.. and i could say it is winding too!!! You might end up in a plane to Sandakan!!!! And there’s people arriving too!!! We might get lost if we didnt keep on asking people around..

On the plane, everyone was mad, and the crews does not do much to calm people down.. they dont even offer complementary drinks!!!!! If the journey took 8 hours, then its ok to be stuck at the airport for 3 hours.. but this is just a 40 minute flight!!!1 Ridiculous!!!!

No thumbs up to Air Asia this time


5 thoughts on “air asia – worst experience

  1. Drama Mama says:

    ohh bad experience. kalau the parents only takpa la jugak kan, kesian zahra! and you're pregnant pulak tu

  2. kayla says:

    LCCT mmg macam stesen bas pudu…or hospital besar KL! hope they'll really increase the standard of LCCT. kalau tak, mmg hilang rasa being in an airport ye tak? airport slalu give me satu perasaan yg best… like KLIA!

  3. ZOORA says:

    yup.. airport shud have their own sense.. yg kita rasa masa kat airport je.. now subang skypark is cool too.. aku suka naik firefly.. not too far lagipun.. serius kena improve, mmg pun sama je mcm pudu. yup, being preggy, aku mcm penat giler.. so zack la kena kejar zahraa merata, kesian dia.. those arabs lagi kesian.. tak faham apa yg berlaku

  4. Try to write proper comment to Air Asia. See if they can issue free ticket you the whole family. Most companies do that. Try try.

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