thinking of…..

Hmm since I am now 3 months.. i started to think, I might start to think of the things i shud get for the lil one.. since zahraa’s stuffs seems still new, LO might use her bathing stuff, clothes, cot and some other stuff..
I am thinking of getting some cloth diapers.. sling (uhuk. uhuk. uhuk..) breastpump, milk storage bottles (some are still with Su) and.. hmm what else.. where was that baby list again???
any suggestion what else shud i prepare?? oh yeah.. we need to get Zahraa a new place to sleep, as the cot will be passed on later…

Poor no 2 baby, I am so busy with Zahraa, sometimes I have forgotten there’s another being in my belly that needs attention too.. Last time, all i was thinking about all day was the baby in me.. but not Zahraa fills the day!


4 thoughts on “thinking of…..

  1. Drama Mama says:

    the best part of every pregnancy…SHOPPING!! wahahahaha

  2. until kering dah..but i think for no.2 taklah sehebat kita shop for no.1 kan..byk yang boleh recycle.

  3. Jenguk2 la kat blog Aishah. Ada gak list barang-barang baby. Pastu adjustla nak beli yang mana2 satu…

  4. ZOORA says:

    ok.. thanks aishah

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