I am now 3 months preggy. It makes me think of the baby and labour more now. Well, for baby stuffs, mostly Zahraa’s stuff could be pass on. Including clothes. Maybe I just need to buy newborn clothes for the first two week.. (last time, I didnt buy any.. Zahraa’s clothes are too big when for her after she was born.. silly me.. )

But most of all, I am thinking, and planning to breast feed again. This time, I want to be more serious about it.. 7 months seems too short for Zahraa.. Zahraa refuse to BF after she had a pair of teeth at 6 months.. but me, myself did not keep on pumping. and I let the milk gone.. Tak ada rezeki masa tu .. so I hope this time, I can do it longer..

Well, well, well… as for a morking mum, of course I am thinking of breastpumps!! Last time I borrowed Kak Min’s for the whole 7month? (thank you a lotttt) so this time, I had to get one for me.. I used medele ini electric last time.. for now.. hmm I dont know.. I did some reading and googling about medela Swing, and freestyle..

Medela Freestyle is very tempting.. instores, it costs about RM 2200 (you can hear in the background Zahrein screams… haa????? 2 ribu?????) Yes darling, its RM 2k!! but in the ebay it could be around RM 1300 (including postage). It was said that it saves time, as it pumps both sides at once. And the milk supply is about to boost, because double pumping increases stimulation, it is like nursing twins..

Medela swing was said to be good as well. It is slick, and easy to take it everywhere. it costs about RM700, and about the same in ebay (including postage). The machine is the same as freestyle, but it requires battery. Freestyle is a rechargeable machine. But there is only one thing.. someone says, milk some times goes up into the tubes.. But there’s another that say.. if you use medela bottle, it will never goes into the tube.. well.. this is quite confusing then..

Hmm.. I dont know.. I am so afraid to buy the Freestyle.. its thousands of ringgit!!!!!! Is it worth ??? If it could boost milk supply, it could help me… if this baby refuse to suck as well, I could do exclusive expressed breast feeding, just like Jamie who succeed well.. but again, ribu ribu maaa……

Some mothers did well with normal pumps like Pureen and some other brands.. they are doing okay with it.. some even could bf tll more than 1 year. But again, I know different person are different.. How do I know which group am I in??? How do I really make a good decision????


14 thoughts on “breastpump

  1. i used to be in doubt about fs or swing..but i decided to buy swing for my baby mia..reason is fs is too expensive for me..(i can buy other stuff with that kind of money)..second reason is i dont know if iam a productive mommy or not..kalau susu kurang mcm wasted je beli i bought far i heart swing..eventho of coz theres is a plenty advantages of fs that i can say..1.if u pump ur left breast,right breast will have milk flow macam wasted kan.2.time consuming jugalah to swith to other breast while u can do one time for both breast with its ur decision..its ur call to decide.both pump pun will do a good pumping to ur breast.

  2. KittyCat says:

    Hi! I didn't like Medela because the pump didn't work for me – I'm for AVENT Isis 100% because it really works!Do check out my reviews for my thoughts…Btw, have you found your gynae or hospital already?

  3. neeza says:

    u can get swing at rm480 (include postage) if u buy @ – beli kat sini better sebab plug point uk same with malaysia. so tak perlu beli adapter lain (like if u buy in eBayUS).FS- well no komen: i "used to" ada dua. so you can make your own conclusion.

  4. Drama Mama says:

    wow…it's really a tough decision kan. aku dulu beli the cheapest : spectra 3 (ke 2 hah tak ingat) hehe..bole double pumping gak tapi tu la coz aku malas pump and irfan refused to direct feed at 4 months, stop camtu ja. sayang!good luck in choosing. i think since ur not gonna spend on other things, so if u really want to have FS then go for it kot. just my 2 cents 😀

  5. Hanim says:

    Elly did well with Spectra…but got FS just recently and her susu still byk. I used PISA, hubby's decision (I kedekut, nak pakai single pump haha).He calculated, 6 mths EBF pun dah balik modal. I managed BF without formula (excluding 10oz masa nak try2) for 18 mths. It definitely paid itself off!My ex staff is using Spectra which I bought from Elly. Alhamdulillah she's still EBF. That suited her budget.

  6. ZOORA says:

    wow.. really tough is it???CuppyCakeMommy – you did good with swing is it??? ada masalah susu masuk tiub tak???KittyCat – quite ramai uses Avent.. ok eh? Neeza – thanks a lot neeza for the link. I know you love fs…betul ke it could increase milk supply??? i mean boost??DramaMama – tu la kena ada baby no 2!!!! to try again!!!! Hanim – envy you.. i want to bf as long as you this time around *wink* ergh.. tough tough.. i was going for swing .. tpai bila dgr fs could boost milk. sduss.. tempting nya

  7. Shida says:

    breastpump is only a tool but really can help u along the bf journey. ive been try LOTS of brand coz i really wanna try diff types…. saja suka suka (manage to sell before i decide to buy another). harmony, isis,spectra2, spectra3,pisa, swing. my verdict-manual=avent isis-electric only=spectra2 (the suction same as pisa…wow)-electric and harm invest in a good bp. make use of it. balik modal few months of BF. and really tahan lama. the most important is the knowledge of BF. spirit and be preserverenced.

  8. ZOORA says:

    itu yg susahnya shida.. i think tak mampu nak try and tukar2.. rasanya kalau dah beli satu . thats it. .its good and helps a lotsusah eh nak cari satu yg ultimate????

  9. - rzmie - says:

    erm..sori la menyampuk but my wife use medela swing for our second baby. tak de problem sangat. bateri pun tahan dalam seminggu. we use rechargeable batteries last time. skrg guna direct dari power soket. basuh pun tak susah mana. cuma kena bersihkan ruangan kecik2 kat kawasan corong tuh. susu boleh masuk dalam tiub kalau tak careful. selagi tiub lagi atas dari corong, susu susah nak masuk tiub. anyway, take care.

  10. ZOORA says:

    oh.. thanks rzmie.. feed back like this really helps.. after some people takutkan i about susu masuk tiub tu, lega when u said its not a big problem

  11. アリアナ says:

    oo nak komen kat sini gak…main thing for me is DUAL pumping!!(tapi gatal gak sambil tu beli mini-e utk backup/travel…)but I sincerely believe in dual pumping for working mommies… !! (boleh je aa nak survive with single pumping.. tapi senang lagi kalau dual)so for me the options was..spectra 3 – lower budgetAMEDA – atas sketPISA – atas lagiFS – atas lagi…shida… electrick only = spectra 2? … ni amek kira tak 2-phase expression yg PISA ade…? syok gak ade 2-phase… dpt perbagaikan ransangan…:Dspectra 3 okay gak… harga 350+…2 bulan dah balik modal dah.. assuming sebulan harga susu RM200… My "unwarranted" FS.. dah 5 bulan pakai… beli harga Rm1200… lagi sebulan balik dah aa modal kot hehehe…

  12. ZOORA says:

    unwarranted? meaning? beli straight away from us ke. form ebay? kalau beli yg un warranted ni camana eh? kalau rosak ke apa, what to do ya???

  13. Shida says:

    yep, dual pumping is very good for hectic working mother.kalau kerja jenis rilex and no problem with ofismate and majikan and tak kisah akan "kehilangan" anda utk pump for 20 minits (10 min for each B if using single pump) just go for single pumping. dual pumping, 10 minit dah cukup. increase pumping session frequency per day is much better than one long pumping session per day. demand = terms of suction, spectra2 is similar to pisa. in terms of suction style,pisa is in their own league (they have this special 2 phase suction). but since i have tried both, no different in terms of milk output. yes,spectra3 is good choice of pump for lower budget for its not very heavy duty. thr suction will decrease in 6 month of heavy duty usage (min 15 to 20 minits pumping, 3 times per day).. so make sure send spectra 3 for service every 6 months to get back the power. so in the meantime , must have other pump as support. while spectra2 , pisa and other hospital greade BP, since its very heavy duty, setahun tak hantar service pun suction still tip remind, spectra3 pun dah 1 year 3 kali naik hargarm328->rm368->rm388 (mentang mentang la ramai yg buru s3 lately)zura,if u think u r ok with mini e plus, just go for it.what suit with other people might not suit with u. there is no ultimate BP in the market (like babywearing as well, no ultimate carrier).it all dpends on ur needs,prefrences and budget. there are even mothers can survived with hand expressing.again, BP is only a tools to assist u in extracting the milk out. the most important is determination.

  14. ZOORA says:

    waa shida . that helps a lot.. thanks .. i;m sure this helps ramai mothers as well.. not just me

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