what i did during the 4 days MC????

Hah. here I go.. people has been asking what I did .. being at home for 4 days!!!! With hubby at home and Zahraa at school!!!!!

On Monday, we went to the clinic of course.. and went back home so Zahrein could so some work. I slept, I watch tv.. and I slept.. at noon Zahrein said : ‘ok.. keje dah siap .. jom la tgk Harry Potter’ Yippie!!!! I was jumping!!!! So we went, to Qb to watch, its good that there’s not many people, we sit beside no one – hope no one got infected. They must be curious, who’s that red eyes couple????

Harry Potter and the half blood prince – the book was my favourite of all.. so I am eager to watch. Overall, it was good, (but it felt long… erghh bila nak abis as i already know the end) Of course there are plots skipped from the book, but of course.. I cant expect that they follow it all.. From the plots they have, its quite ok.. not that bad as The Order Of Pheonix movie.. at least the story line is correct. Its just that in the end.. there shud be some fights.. and the funeral shud be something beautiful to show (I’d like to see those mermaids sings.. and centaurs sends arrows.. ) But it ended just like that.. with a beginning to another story.. I know what they are trying to do .. so – I forgive them..

and the movie make me wants to know the end all over again. so when we went back home, I took my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – the last of the book to read.. and so it goes for the whole 3 days.. all I did at home was reading it for the fourth!!!! It was long, meandering story with secrets and questiones answered. I was like a school girl again.. and the part when Dobby died.. I was crying like a lil girl who lost her cat!!! Erghh.. (apa la Zura.. grow up!!!!!)

I glad I read it again.. I might read it again.. for the fifth, or even sixth time.. it never bored me..

So, it answered rite?? For 4 days… I had a date with Harry Potter and friends


2 thoughts on “what i did during the 4 days MC????

  1. Drama Mama says:

    i love the final / 7th book. memang asyik nangis ja. benda lawak pun nangis, benda sedih pun nangis. perhaps because i ws too sad that it's the finale and there'll be no more after that.movie tak tengok lagi, best ek? nanti tengok streaming ja lah kat umah..hehe

  2. - rzmie - says:

    harry potter best time quidditch je. albus dumbledore tuh tengok rupanya cam gandalf je. hope bila diaorg release dvd, akan ada extended scene.

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