zahraa’s new entertainment : July

I cant figure out what else to get Zahraa.. besides books, she seems doesnt have much interest with toys.. maybe not her age yet to play them … at last I got her this : Aqua Doodle, since she loves to draw and her magnetic board has become too small for her
haa.. lupa nak xplain .. Drama Mama tanya baru teringat.. this thing.. the pen only uses water. So when you draw, after sometime it got dried up.. and wallah.. all skecthes will be gone and you can draw all over again!!! great rite?? Save papers, and the pen is no toxic at all.. if she ever gets it tin her mouth, its just water after all.. I like it because i can fold it into my handbag, and bring it anywhere with us.. Zahraa love it when i wet her hands, so she can stamp her palm on this.. and her feet too!!!


4 thoughts on “zahraa’s new entertainment : July

  1. Drama Mama says:

    waaa zoora, after dia doodle it can be rub off ka? nak beli jugak untuk irfan! katna? toys r us?

  2. ZOORA says:

    oo lupa nak xplain.. sat eh

  3. kayla says:

    cool nye aqua doodle ni. looks like a brilliant gift for kids!

  4. Drama Mama says:

    oh yes aunty kayla. it'll be a brilliant gift for aqil irfan. nanti my mama give you my postal address okie haha

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