i am alright

Second time is different – I have said this before.. 0f course it is.. because it’s a special one…

Yesterday I lost a piece of me. The lil being that just occured to be our new episode of life. Yeah, I lost my baby, which I had begin to care and love. Plans were already made for it, plenty of plans, I assume, and you all knew that too. But it seems that it has a plan on its own. And Allah has a plan of His own on all this as well. A friend said; I dont sound sad, and dont look sad either. But hey, who doesnt?? Especially when you lost something that is very special – a gift from Allah.

But I am being strong, accepting this as Allah’s willing. Redha dengan segala ketentuanNya. Pasti ada berbagai hikmah dalam setiap kejadian. Tidaklah bertambah iman seseorang jika tidak di uji dengan musibah dan dugaan. Alhamdulillah.. at least, I know that I am in the eyes of Allah, being tested in such a way to make me a stronger person, a stronger believer.

“Every baby is a miracle” – we heard this everyday. And today I learnt that even an unborm child is a miracle – by the way they teaches us and make us realise what a miracle is.

For all those who care, thank you very much. I am alright and so far healthy.. the D&C thingie runs well yesterday and i’m at home resting. Insyallah.. one day ada rezeki lain..


12 thoughts on “i am alright

  1. mye says:

    It was a gift. All gifts are priceless, even if we can only have it for a short while :). Have a good rest darl.

  2. Shida says:

    dear, so soryy to hear that. Dr Allah kita dtg, kepada Allah kita kembali. hope u r doing fine. take care of urself.

  3. liz says:

    Am very very sorry to hear this. Being muslims, we know that Allah knows best. Rest assured, inshaAllah baby awaits you in Jannah. Rest well, cry if you need to and get back on your feet as a stronger mother. *hug*

  4. Drama Mama says:

    zoora, sorry to hear that, hang in there ok. whatever happens, happens for a reason. take care dear.

  5. Zoora, tumpang bersedih. Insyallah akan ada rezeki lain nanti. Take care ok….

  6. neeza says:

    im am speechless.. tak tahu nak cakap apa.. but i hope your case is not like mine. takziah..and u tak care ok..

  7. Rayhana says:

    Salaam zoora,The Prophet s.a.w. said, "By the One in Whose hand is my soul, truly the miscarried child will certainly drag its mother with its umbilical cord to Paradise, provided one expects recompense [for SABR]" (Ibn Majah & Ahmad)May Allaah give you strength and sabr in this trying time.Salaam,Rayhana

  8. ZOORA says:

    thank you all, thank you very much .. these seems to heal as i know it comes from your heart, all of you. thank you for helping me to stand tall. Insyallah, i am accepting this as a bless from Allah

  9. azura says:

    zura,sorry to hear berita ni..Insyaallah, ada rezeki lagi nnti..ujian ni pasti buat kita lagi appreciate nikmat yg Allah dh bagi kat kita kan :-)take care yer..

  10. kayla says:

    zoora, i just read about ur loss. condolences from me too. a big huge warm and looooonggg hugssss from me to you my dear friend

  11. ZOORA says:

    kayla: sob sob sob .. i need those hugs

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