a missed miscariage

acttually… many has been asking me.. what actually happened? I got all sorts of questions : Did you fall? Have you been sick? What did you took? What went wrong? Did you feel it? Is there any symptom???

Well… what my gynea explained to me is: its called a missed miscarriege – or a fail pregnancy. In other words, its like a miscarrieage – but no bleeding. The gynea also mentioned that the baby stop developing and the heart beat just stop. I saw it myself – the baby sac just stood still, without moving, and withoung flicking its heart as we normally see. And I could see it myself that it is rather small for a 3 months baby. I suppose to expect a head and a tail at this time, but its just a tiny sac. So I understood that it is not alive anymore.

Did I feel a thing??

The first question my gynea asked me was : When did you nausea starts to go off? Mmmm I said I did notice, it has been gone for a while, and I have been losing appetite for some time – I just thought the nausea is gone because I didnt eat as much as before.
The gynea also asked for any cramping or stain? And there was none of those.

In my case, I didnt feel a thing but….. after a few days staring at the ceiling (Kayla made a song about this you know…) and make a few recalls back, something clicks me. I DID feels a lil cramping once in a while last week. I thought those were due to fatigue or strain from sitting for too long. I’ve been losing appetite and did not feels hungry – which pregnant mothers should be hungry all the time; they normally do (rite???). And I lost 4 kgs!!! (thats a lot for pregnant mothers)

So, actually.. there might be signs, but I do not notice them.. I believe its hard to be noticed… (was it my fault not to notice) These signs seems to be so lame. But it did thought me something: next time – be aware to the health conditions or anything funny going around. Sometimes its not those ‘funny things that happpens to pregnant mothers’. It might be an alarmed to something.

(some people did say: ala biasa la tu … ngandung ..mmg la ada rasa tak selesa.. and some says: ala masa mengandung ni makan la apa saja nak makan… ni je la masanya … and there’s some that says: tak payah la kerap2 jumpa doktor.. okaynya la.. nak beranak nanti baru pergi jumpa je…. ) Please take note: Everyone is different, and sometime being a bit too concious is good for yourself.

Friends and myself: take note and lets take this lesson together πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “a missed miscariage

  1. Hanim says:

    salaam…so sorry to hear that *hugs*remember to pantang ye… i think mye can tell u a thing or two.pantang 3 bulan… lama sikit compared to fullterm childbirth.

  2. Drama Mama says:

    zoora my cousin had a missed miscarriage too like couple of years ago. takpa insyaAllah ada rezeki nanti. btw, who's ur gynae, which hospital eh?

  3. neeza says:

    tak pe zoora, missed miscarriage way better than molar prenancy.. kan.. apa pun, a loss still a loss.. tak apa bersedih itu.. you take care ok πŸ™‚

  4. KittyCat says:

    Sorry to hear about this too, Zoora. Take good care of yourself – Chinese will also go through a mini confinement period to help the womb heal. Does the Malay culture practise this too? *Hugs*

  5. ZOORA says:

    thanks all.. and yes, neeza.. at least mine is not like yours, which is wayyy sgt la mencabar.. I went to pantai mutiara; my gynea is dr yeap.. she is said to be well experienced; been in GH and Adventist. ala.. dia ada klinik kat sg ara tu.. dia garang sket.. tapi dia kerja cepat.. zahra was also delivered with herhmm pantang.. yup.. i did tried, insyallah.. all my best to pantang – but really get the idea of how.. for now. i just try to avoind food that they say – sejuk or bisa.. ???

  6. ZOORA says:

    but.. waht hanim?? 3 months?? whyyyyy????? huwaaa nak aiskrim!!!!

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