clean, so clean

I had a lonely breakfast yesterday morning at Pelita Giant, Bayan Baru (Bai.. jom la join lain kali!!!) I was the second customer to get there, that’s why i said it was lonely!! I sent Zahra to school at 8.30 am and has to wait for Giant to I sat there alone. well, service was fast, as tehy were eager to start the day and there’s only 2 table been occupied.. hmm good for me huh??

But as I sat, I noticed a familiar smell, very familiar… then only that I knew they’ve been wiping tables, and clean the floor using dettol!! Hmm.. to me, that is great.. In times like this, I think it is necessary for public places to be tip top cleaned. What should I say.. I had always noticed that kedai mamak are always so clean.. did you notice that clean the tables immediately after customers left? and the keep mopping the floor. and the materials they choose is always those easy to clean surfaces. and they restaurant was always light up.. No wonder so many people goes to kedai mamak.. chinese, malay, indian and even foreingners. Because they are clean, and comfortable (this are kedai mamak like pelita, or kayu, makbul or kassim mustapa i meant.. not those yg celah2 jalan tu laa….)

This has been gone for years, but stil some dont see it. who?? well.. some other restaurants of course!! Some Malay restaurant or stalls I went are not clean enough.. We have to call them a few times t clean the tables.. the floors are mopped only at the end of the day .. i really do hope some days these restaurant had their mind change and learnt from others – this is good for themselves I think.. lets just say. actualy – the cleaner the merrier


3 thoughts on “clean, so clean

  1. Drama Mama says:

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  2. Drama Mama says:

    yes zura i agree, married into a mamak family, i can say yang mamak ni memang tip top la bab cleanliness. tengok MIL aku sudah, kalau dia datang rumah kitorang aku yang malu sebab dia akan tolong clean up the house. tsk tsk tskbtw, aku plak suuuuka sangat makan kat celah celh lorong wakkaka..influence from my dad la nih. dulu geli, kalau la diorang ble buat that place cleaner, mesti lagi enjoyable nak makan.jom makan nasi kandaq imigresen! 😉

  3. ZOORA says:

    kat mana nasi kandaq imigresen tu?? aku tak reti la .. tak tau mana nak pergi.. kalau family dtg tanya nk makan nasi kandaq.. aku tak reti nak bwk kat mana.. bawak ke kayu.. diorang kata.. ala.. kayu kat kl pun ada maaaaa

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