i’m back

I’m back in the office!!!!! Heheh I missed being at home.. but, its not that mandom anymore.. every morning is fresh as always .. (but nights has been tiring..) The days begin with boring staff meeting.. (which discussed about changing tyres for 40 minutes) (and it was like only 4 people talking while the other 40 plus people listening).

Many got sick in the office, I didnt know that.. some got very high fever, some got flu, some had denggi!!! I hope all of us will get better soon. I still hear coughs from around some cubicles.

Being at home was great, but being at work was not that bad either. Just put in our hearts a good intention to it, and the rest will flow thru the correct direction.

After all, I have also learnt and try to keep telling myself, to stop complaining, and be thankful for every single thing.. even a bad one, even as small as a finger cut. Say alhamdulillah, or innalillah hi wa inna lillahirajiun to every thing happen to us every day.


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