i made it!!!!

Remember all the big ambition I had the other day? Well.. it seems some of them were achieved after all..

The chicken curry requested by Zahrein seems to be a must every week now.

The currypuff idea was cancelled, but was replaced with pengat pisang. How this came?? Mom in law called and told us she made pengat, and Zahrein goes.. ‘wahhh sedapnya..’ I thought: Poor him, he must be missing his moms’ cooking .. so I made the pengat also, on the very same day – an adhock menu.

hahahaha.. this one is quite funny.. If you cant recognize this, its kuih cara berlauk!! Yeah yeah.. I know its not yellow.. I bought the wrong colouring!! Now I know, labelling at Giant cant be trusted at all.. but the taste seems to come out good. I’m going to make kuih cara everyday now!! (iyaaa.. la tu)

Telur dadar is also Zahrein’s favorite, added to table to match with the curry. I made bean sprout too..

Taraa!!! so there we go!! One day I will make the curry puffs as well.. Hmm today, i’m making kurma daging, and steamed siakap.. macam tak matching je… hmm


6 thoughts on “i made it!!!!

  1. Drama Mama says:

    amboi zoora cooking goddess ya kau haha..sedapnya cara berlauk tu. kena beli acuan la plak eh kalau nak baut hehehecurry is a must for us too,bila taktau nak masak apa masak kari hehehe

  2. aisha says:

    perghh..ko masak sorang2 ker beb? masak ke apa? awat color kuih cara ko cam tuh?? awat ko tak letak jer serbuk kunyit bg kuning? neway, nasib aku baca blog ko lepas buka..if tak, mau terliur la jawab jer..

  3. ZOORA says:

    kah kah kah .. cooking goddess.. weekdays aku tak de can la nak masak wei.. ni je la time.. zack ada kat rumah senang sket nak tgk zahraa, so zahraa tak kacau aku masak.. lagipun saja.. bende lain tak reti nak buat.. masak je la ….aisha!! tu la aku kata.. aku salah beli kaler.. aku tak tgk pon botol tu terus tuang jer!!!! haa.. idea la kunyit kau tu.. tapi kot lain la plak rasa cara kunyit :D. kih kih kih

  4. mye says:

    i tot cara berlauk tu rasa mcm kunyit2 sikit sbb kunyit is one of the ingredients! bukan eh? just guna food colouring is it?

  5. aisha says:

    zura..mmg la org letak kunyit skit jer sebagai pewarna..jangan la ko letak 18 sudu.. apa la ko nih..

  6. ZOORA says:

    oo . .aah la. kakak aku ckp kalau tak de pewarna pun tak pe. letak kunyit.. tapi tu la.. ada la rasa sket kunyit tu.. utk org yg deria rasa dia terer kot.. pelik la rasa kunyit.. letak kaler la.. tak de rasa ..

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