the ultimate entertainment

As I was trying to seek for ‘the’ best entertainment for Zahraa, (so that I could either cook, do the laundry, or simply shower) at last we found one. After all.. it wasn’t toys that could distract her its all goes back to basic – books and pen. And this great idea came from Zahrein really struck Zahraa.. a chair and a table for her.

She spend her time at her ‘workstation’ a lot now, from counting to flipping books, to drawing (and she drew on the table) as well.. but she did spent time ther a – lot!! I can even perform my terawikh, with her at the table all the time.. Alhamdulillah, hope this amusement for stay for some time.

We got this table and chair from Jusco, RM 39.90 for both.
The tables’s height could be adjust, and could grow with her. This is the lowest setting, just nice for ner now.

Bersepahnya workstation anak dara ni… She put all her things here. One day, she arrange all her bottels here, the plain water bottle, her milk, and her cologne too..

She said its a cat.. can you see that cat in the sketch she made? 😛 hikhikhik

5 thoughts on “the ultimate entertainment

  1. Drama Mama says:

    bestnya. the set is so cheap! maybe we can get one for Irfan later.ermm…adala zoora nampak macam cat tengah buat freestyle hahahahaha

  2. kayla says:

    cool giler zahraa ada meja sendiri.. ni ala2 nak mendidik anak dok kat meja studio la nih ye??? apa kata zahraa jadi fashion designer pulak ye sweetheart? boleh design baju muslimah yg cunssss 🙂 gerenti auntie beli nnt

  3. uh..good gurl zahra..i need to buy 1 too for she is very fond of papers and pencil

  4. ZOORA says:

    mmg meja ni helps!!! dulu kalau lukis tertonggeng tonggeng tak de la lama sgt dia dok melukis.. bila ada meja ni lama sket concentrate.. and tau je la zack – basic discipline – jadi askar la zahraa nanti :Dmmg reccomendable meja kerusi nihok.. aku dah ckp kat zahraa.. aunty keyl nak baju muslimah.. 😀

  5. mye says:

    ala. tak kluar pulak gamba cat nya… bagus zahra mau duduk kat kerusi, kalau dpt kaksarah nya abis dipanjat kerusi duduk atas meja skarang ni draw atas rehal moden je la (duduk atas lantai). hehe.

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