stack them up

Lego seems too difficult for Zahraa for now.. she is 18 months now, and I’ve been trying lego since she was 11 months. Still no luck.. if she failed to join the blocks, she will go screaming and bang those blocks together.. ergh.. I cant have that ..
But recently I noticed she could do well with Litle People mega blocks. seems its suits her.. at last this week, she could build up her own stack.

Remember I said I dont want her to be an architect??? But look at the things she’s playing with : blocks, drawing paper, colour pencil, a table of her own.. what’s next?? a studio chair????? hahahha. I have no idea what to give her.. these are the things I’ve been playing too!!!

* I did flower arrangement when I was 3. Should i let her try that??? hahahahha


2 thoughts on “stack them up

  1. hady says:

    kenapa tak mau zahraa jadi architect?i always want my future kid (cehh, kawen pun belum kan…hehe)to be an architecthehe, mau dia jadi famous + rich + goodlooking tapi alim, hehe..

  2. ZOORA says:

    bila dah kerja sendiri dah tau dah asam garam akitek ni mcm mana.. dunianya lebih dari akhirat.. waktu solat mlm lebih banyak di ganti dgn buat design kat studi.. dan mcm2 lagi.. so aku tak nak anak aku jadi mcm aku … jadi lebih baik lagi.. insyallah

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