studying abroad

There is an intern in my office, form somehwere we never had before – she is from Japan, I dont have to mention which university. She seems to be a good girl, and have the intention to learn. BUt her internship duration here is only two weeks (weird, dont you think?? what could we do in 2 weeks to teach her?????)

She has been asking a lot of questions; such as: ‘Kena submit apa before boleh start construction?’ ‘Lama ke nak kena approve?’ ‘Kenapa ada site meeting, dengan technical coordination, ada berapa jenis meeting semuanya??’ ‘Ooooo jalan raya ni ada standard size ya..’ And of course she down not know about Bomba requirement.

After all this questions, I notice its weird for an intern to asked these kind of questions. The others before usually asked technical questions, asked best process to preceed, and asked about softwares. So that made me asked her what year she is my thoughts, maybe she is in first, or second year.

To my suprise, she is in Master years. And has completed her degree. I told her, how suprised I am, because supposely, a graduate should be aware of the local authorities, project process, project management, conducting meeting and all, not just design. I told her, here in Malaysia, we have class or subject so called ‘Contract management’, ‘Project management’ (ingat tak yg amali Dr Asiah suruh kita berlokn jadi contractor.. that really helps) ‘Fire Fighting’, ‘Law’ (even land law) and many more. And out internship was 6 months. The girls was suprise to hear this. She said it was different studying in Japan. They do design, and then exams. They dont even have the technical drawing class.. or class about masonry contruction, timber construction (remember our class?? we said it was bored, and see how helpful it was???) and they never been tested on the technical drawing. ( I forgot to ask do they have to own a T Square???)

I have been thinking how great to see others studying abroad, and came back home making families proud. I have been saying to myself how unlucky we are to have been stucked here in Malaysia. But today, what i want to say is.. Is not about this girl, and how much she doesnt know.. but sometimes, how good it is to study here in our own ground. What you studied here, is going to be what your work is. Even the Abang Bomba came to our class, might work with you afterwards.

I had this lesson today, sometimes to look at things in the other perspective, and be more grateful with what I had. And also learnt, sometimes, if you want to study abroad, knpw what will you do first. Some courses are better studied here, and some are beter abroad. This could be passed on to nephews, nieces, cousins and others.

And to this girl, I adviced her that, its ok.. You had your own experience being there, but of course you have to catch up a lot before work. (I think the best is for her to be a Lecturer) and read a lot, and attend CPD seminars.


2 thoughts on “studying abroad

  1. Anonymous says:

    pelik, never heard archi student xtau basic technical design… paling cikai pun xkan tak tau slope nak buat jalan n such… masalah betoi nantirohani

  2. ZOORA says:

    itu la. kesian dia ni. mesti dia pun tak tau masa dia nak pergi belajar tu

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