no mood at all

Today I have no mood to work at all, I did some sketch up, for like… errrr 45 minit only.. then the heat goes off. The whole office seems to feel the same.. small groups of people could be seen..laughing around, or just chatting.. at 12 noon, some kuih raya was being distributed.. lagiii laaaa tak de perasaan nak keje woi…..
I will be working for another err.. 1.5 day, excluding today.. I will start taking leave on Wednesday noon. So all I am thinking about was packing, cleaning up, and mostly houseworks.

Ramadhan will be ended soon, I could feel the hmm how to describe – the emptiness-longiness has started to drain out of me. During Ramadhan I felt close to my late parents, as I think of them a lot, and pray for them a lot. And not seeing them during hari raya – is killing me – is actually a feeling I have to bare for years. Yes, hatiku sudah lali dengan perkara ini..but it still hurts.

I know friends do understand and care about me..but its okay, let me face this..I have been thru this for years, and let me go thru it again. And I will again and again…..

To all my friends and relatives – please dont put me in a difficult condition – It is not my choice, really, not to visit and of course I am not trying to separate myself away from all of you. My prayers, and my thoughts will always be with you. Ampun kan segala dosa saya, insyallah, ada rezeki dan panjang umur, kita jumpa lagi. Please send my best regards to all, and bila pergi open house, send my apology to all

“Tidak bertambah iman seseorang insan selagi dia tidak diuji oleh Allah dengan dugaan dan musibah”


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