zahraa’s cookies

Remember last year I had a post about Zahraa making kuih raya in school?? Thats in vox, I think. Well.. this year she’s making them again with her friends and teachers in school. They made chocolate chip cookies yesterday. hahaha.. but instead of making shapes of cookies, the teachers asked them to scoop them into those paper cups – easier to handle.

Macam-macam ragam ada. There’s a kid who is so keen on doing it, who slept while doing it, who doesnt know what is going on, who is so proud of his work, who looks bored, who tried very hard, and who is not interested to try at all.. and oh, there’s kids who eat the mixture too!! Err.. thats includes Zahraa.
So she came back from school yesterday with some cookies for mama and abah!! Together with the recipe.. hahhaah

Thank you, dear.

4 thoughts on “zahraa’s cookies

  1. aisha says:

    zura, sedap ak hasil kijer anak ko?

  2. mye says:

    bestnyerr..nak sikit, zahraa! besar ke oven nursery tu ada zura? mcm banyak je cookies nak kena bakar tu

  3. ZOORA says:

    sedap juga.. rasa dia tak konsisten la.. budak2.. yg letak sikit, kecik2 tu sedap.. yg letak byk sgt tu susah nk masak kat tgh. ovenkecik je, mcm grill oven kat rumah tu je.. aah..kesian cikgu bakar lama

  4. Drama Mama says:

    wahh zahra mithali sungguh, kecik2 dah rajin baut kuih raya. mama nya tak buat lagi nih camna hehe

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