This is the first time we dine out for berbuka this year, (me and Zahrein), and it was a great gathering with the family. As usual, the food at Tropicana was great, with new menu introduced. But as usual, I cant eat much..but we are happy to see Zahraa eat a lot – and behave. She was so into her meal – she spend the whole hour concentrating on her plate – wihout annoying anyone :P.

Sempat lagi – sibuk nak bergaya dengan new tudung from De Zahraa. First time I had one with pattern. Love it.

Tokwan also joined the buka puasa. Above is Kak Min n Abg Riz – Kak Min, thats the best of you I could get that nite 😛 heheh – Hey.. why is Kudin not in the picture eh?? Oooooo he’s having a great time with the buffet – Kudin makan paling banyak, he really makes it worth.


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