tudung awning and de zahraa

Awning tudung.. well.. there is soooo many tudung selling in the market now. I mean those awning type.. Before this I have been wearing Sri Munawarah, and tried Hajaba and Ariani before. And Sofea collection, made my friend Erna.

Sri Munawarah – So many colour to choose. There are 3 sizez, labuh, sederhana and mini. I like Munawarah for their lenght of tudung, menepati kriteria Sirim saya. Now they introduced pattern tudungs, but they are a bit pricey.

Hajaba – I just love them for 3 days in the beginning.

Ariani – Very pretty, so many pattern and colours to choose from. But I found them pricey too. I heard lately they have reduced price. Not sure, need to go and check them out. But to me, Ariani’s tudung is a bit short.

Sofea Collection – Nice, jahitan kemas, price is okay, but sometimes the type of cloth is not consistent. When buing online, this is one of the downside.

But my favorite of all at the moment is De Zahra. They have a collection of plain and pattern, and they offer longer/labuh tudungs too. Their price are quite okay. You can get nice ones with silk and pattern for RM 85. Plains are RM 65. These are pictures of my De Zahraa collection. Happy to wear them. Compared to Sri Munawarah, jahitan De Zahra kemas, and it os comfortable to wear especially at the awning part. You wont notice the awning or wont feel having them on your head.

I came across tudung Ratu as well.. that will be in another entry soon. Anyways there are some tudung which are okay, and good price too – those which are not in the boutique. Recently I went to Giant Kota Damansara and there are lot of tudung to choose from.

But be careful dear. These tudung are so in trend now. Some of them are so short, it cover just down to your neck only. And there is one called tudung siti, which cover the head, but open by the neck???? and some are so thin you could have your neck and chect exposed. Remember, bertudung bukan fashion tau, tapi syariat..


11 thoughts on “tudung awning and de zahraa

  1. munawarah boleh beli kat mana

  2. アリアナ says:

    de zahraa ni beli kat ne?

  3. laydida says:

    try pearl haya. those are good in terms of quality and sizes too. but quite pricey..starts arnd RM80++

  4. Hanim says:

    I tolong jawab: Munawwarah kat Tmn Tun Dr Ismail.I takde luck gi De Zahra… takde size, takde design…

  5. kayla says:

    aku pun turut membeli tudung awning utk dibawa ke melbourne.. hehehe… senang nye nak pakai lagi2 bila ada org datang rumah n perlu buat kerja kat dapur… but, one thing yg kacau is kalau pakai tudung ni keluar and nak terus solat, nak sujud payah sket kan? harus la terkemek sket nnt! hehe

  6. halinazairi says:

    good entry. i pon dah mula suka pakai this type of tudung. especially bila nak cepat. baru2 ni beli 2, mum's friend yg jual. quality wise okay la. material mmg kena check, kalau yg murah tu, .. mmg lunyai je nampak. yg mahal skit tu.. just nice. but need to check on the lenght.. mmg banyak yg jual pendek2 ni.., pakai kat rumah takpe lagi, tapi nak pakai keluar ..hmmm..

  7. Yazmin says:

    Ur so photogenic! Great Pics!Hopefully the dezahra team will take u as the Duta and the rest of us could have discounts!Now ni tgh terliur tengok Pearl Haya kat Giant tu… Let's try when u come here..

  8. ZOORA says:

    sri munawarah ada 2 kedai kat TTDI, de zahra kedai kat mutiara damansara..tapi dia ada website jugak boleh beli online – ada kat favorite link saya ni: zahra fashion, klik je situ.. laydida – i dah tgk pearl haya.. cantik jugak.. something different – boleh jugak try – tapi yang labuh boleh tahan jugak harganya kak min – dlm hundreds of pics posing.. ni je okay 😛 next week balik lagi. jom pegi giant!!! :Dkeyl. mmg senang kan? kalau nak kuar cepat, org dtg umah … esp dah ada anak .. lagii la senang.. tarik pun tak herot tudung dah

  9. yg penting kawan i sorang nih smakin cantik sbb dia dah kurus..sangat sweet dan baik hati..yg penting jugak bleh di ajak bergossip..cehhh..takde kena mngena ngan entry nih..err jap..ada jugak..suma tdung2 yg dia pakai gi opis i sukaaaaaa..hahah

  10. ZOORA says:

    ahahaha.. apa la aiza.. mana ada kurus….tapi ajak gossip boleh je..

  11. mama sofea says:

    Hye..Zoora.. wow.. bagus nyer..semua brand dah try ye… and thanx for the honest comments for sofea-collection (noted by admin).. Don't miss our new collection ya!

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