kitchen layout

I had headache to plan our kitchen, but at the same time had fun planning it. Here’s a few layout I made, but there’s none ‘the’ ultimate layout.

This is the original layout of our house, and the original dapur.

Kecikkan kan dapur ini?? Seems like cold in stall sink, and hob. A fridge will make it damn cramp.. and I dont know where to put all my stuffs.

This layout is the first one I made. it seems ok… but after building its 3D, it still look small, and lack of cabinets for storage, which I really need.

Then I decided that I dont really need big utility room, I might not have a bibik as well. so, I make it smaller, to give more area to the kitchen. But, I cant decide the lyout for this, so I come up with 2.

I quite like the second one.. minimal.. but there’s a small island in the middle to keep those plates, and Zahraa can draw while I cook .. yeah.. But the circulation of the first one seems better, and with additional window at the wall facing dining area, I could transfer dishes thru.

But this last one is my favourite. I dont have to compromise the 4th room, yet the kitchen seems big. Only one big problem. The developer might not allow to move those walls up to the corridor..


2 thoughts on “kitchen layout

  1. i love the layout with the small island tu..heheh

  2. .~Dd Nor. says:

    jangan lupa kalau buat double sink kat dapur make sure satu paip connected to direct source satu lagi ke tangki air. bila time putus bekalan air at least u ada satu paip sambung ke tangki utk basuh tangan & pinggan.u might already have this in your head perhaps.bestnya ada rumah sendiri.

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