wearing hijab in Malaysia

I am poking a sensitive issue today, which might make some jumps, or even hate me. But it is my responsibilty to say it loud, as it is the duty among sisters of Islam to help others, and lead towards the right path. I am not that good myself, but why dont we all try together to be better each day…dalam mendapat keredhaan Allah.. kan kan???

Yesterday, Sakeenah wrote about her challenges of wearing hijab in Australia. It made me think, and it make me felt so grateful. How lucky we are, being a muslim in Malaysia. No one would hurt you no matter how you dress, no one would insult you – publicly – of how long your dress or hijab is. We can pray anywhere, almost anywhere. Alhamdulillah, there’s not much challenges for us to perform ibadah. And alhamdulillah, proper dresses to cover your aurah are being sold almost everywhere.

While at some places in the world, muslims had to hide to pray, muslims had hard time to confess being a muslim, and muslims got insulted of how they dress. Muslims, had to survive being a Muslim.

Sakeenah had hard times wearing hijab for some time, and once and again, but she still wears it. And stands on proudly being a Muslim, and to fullfill all the syariah to be a good Muslim. But pity, here in Malaysia, there are still many Muslims women who still refuse to cover their aurah properly, even though there is no harm at all to cover.

I dont look down for those ladies of course, but I am more concern. I really hope and I’m praying that one day, they will be given hidayah to do so. Lets take a lesson from other Muslims from around the world, okay.


5 thoughts on “wearing hijab in Malaysia

  1. Sakeenah says:

    you are such a sweet sister thank you for your support. may Allah guide us and strengthen our iman

  2. .~Dd Nor. says:

    it's sensitive but u got a point there.

  3. mye says:

    we're blessed with living in a peaceful country. prolly must need something to flip the switch for us to be a better person (erk. quite sad pulak bila pikir at that perspective!)

  4. uh..i really need strength to make this change!always intended but never have guts to start..do pray for me!! (hai mak i punyalah hari2 bebel)

  5. ZOORA says:

    ito – dont worry .. mm bukan senang untuk berubah.. it need courage to do so.. just try to learn and faham kenapa, dan benefit of it.. then u'll find it easy.. insyallah, Allah lagi suka muslim yg berubah sikit demi sikit.. daripada duduk pada takat yang sama saja 😛 wink

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