rumah anak kesayangan

Remember my post last Ramadhan.. about the iftar with the orphanage. Sorry this took sometime. So here’s the adress that I promised.


As the Pengetua told me, there are all girls here, from 3 years to 17 years old. The pegentua said, sometime, its not all money that they need. Some time they need time, and most of all, they need knowledge.

So those who could give then some tution classes, please do help. And they also need someone to teach them sewing, cooking or whatever, so that they have some skills for them to survive living.



5 thoughts on “rumah anak kesayangan

  1. Drama Mama says:

    dah dekat betul ngn our house tu. tak penah nampak plak..

  2. kayla says:

    that's such a good idea zoora… about helping out melalui teaching, tuition, other than duit. i was watching a movie last nite called "hard ball", kebetulan keanu reeves berlakon, heheh.. anyways, he was coaching a baseball team for kids yg duduk kat this problematic area… although it's a movie, but i guess it's true that kids yg takde parent/s at the growing phase need these kinds of activities utk bimbing dorang and fill in their time with productive activities. will definitely give that some thoughts bila balik malaysia nnt kan.. maybe take one hour off early from work ke to do these types of services, like coach sukan ke (apa yg aku reti?) or buat art class ke.. or study with them english ke math ke apa2 la kan? pls do remind me when i get back after phd nnt shall i forget ya! ur suggestion sounds like a great way of giving back! insyaAllah!

  3. ZOORA says:

    itu la bai.. masa jumpa hari tu pun kau terkejut gak.. sg ara je. dia kat rumah teres.. ada 2 unit. yes kayla.. aku pun selama ni tak terfikir jugak – kita asyik bagi duit n baju.. an actually cikgu dia kata – spend some time with them lagi diorang suka

  4. Anonymous says:

    zura, contact number ada tak? at least blh call b4 pi…wanna join tak?rohani

  5. ZOORA says:

    oh.. the phone number.. yeah.. lupa pulak nak mintak.. i'll sms u if i get it ok. insyallah kalau i tak de apa, boleh je pergi.. my neighbor wanna join, kalau i tak de you can go with her. she needed some friends too – just quit her job to be a sahm

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