from one shop to another

i have been hopping from one online shop to another – looking at bags, wristlets, and diaper bags. It made me feel guilty, not working that hard – how does all these starts.. who to blame

Emails form girlfriends – that discuss fashions and stuffs..
– nope .. its not your fault dear –

Too many tempting online shop
– of course .. you ladies have got nothing to do with these –

My own self concious – of not looking great; my fashion dies; bad-wardrobe fever; ‘bibik’ly feeling
– thats it. Its my self conscious –

Or.. was it the wedding incident then????


3 thoughts on “from one shop to another

  1. Drama Mama says:

    haha…once in a while our shopping nafsu will show itself. hahaha

  2. laydida says:

    so true, too sporadic you wont have chance to think twice 😛

  3. ZOORA says:

    oh. i've always think about million times to buys things for myself nowadays, ooo i wish one day i dont have to – just grab that shiny lil shoes, cool handbag, great dress and make myself feels good about it – wink

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