20 months and more

Zahraa is 20 months and a half now – going to be 21 months soon. I have always tot she is still very little. But when calculation takes place – wow .. she’ll be 2 yo soon!!
Lately Zahraa changed, since raya, I noticed. She had tantrums now – and dine out would be a bad day for me. She also knows how to protest – just by make her body limbs.. I called this ‘buat lembik’ when she refused about something – there’ll she go – buat buat lembik .. She really tests me lately.
And she now knows how to climb those chairs. So now she can play those stuffs on Zahrein’s desk, and of course – every thing on the dining table. Yesterday, while we were praying, she climb those dining chair, took the water jug and pour EVERYTHING out of it. There goes sarsaparila on the table, chairs, and floor. To add into my patience challenge, she played with the water with her hands, and wipe them to her face!!! I seriously sembahyang tak khusyuk during Maghrib yesterday.
But I cant believe my self, how i was, and how calm Zahrein was yesterday. After salam, I just said – Zahraa, kenapa buat macam ni. PIck her, wash her hands and feet, and changed her clothes. And Zahrein, took the mop, clean the floors and say, ‘Zahraa buat, tgk ni, Zahraa buat’. That was it.. we guess those are all parts and partial of having kids – having emergency clean up!

Hahahaha.. but that was not all, she is now also very sweeeettttt… came to give a hug and kiss, and make funny faces, and make cute gestures. 😀 And she can say more words now. Yesterday, she made a full sentence of ‘Ma, nak agiiii… ‘ How cute. And more and more words came form her everyday. but of course her favorite word is ‘Agi…’ thats lagi, of course. Last nite, I showed her pictures and said ‘Elephant’ but instead, she said ‘Gaaaa-jah’.

She is more and more excited whenever she sees animal. More than the last time I showed you all here.

Anyways, the fact that she is becoming naughtier everyday has been always been complemented with she being funny, cute and smart too.

I love Zahraa, everyday and always. I cant imagine my life without this lil being. Just by being her, she just wash away all my worries. The best thing she ever did to me – brushing away my tears – thats – unbelievably – so – sweet.


3 thoughts on “20 months and more

  1. Drama Mama says:

    best kan ada anak. irfan brushed away my tears too recently,tho i think he was actually trying to play with it hahaha

  2. ZOORA says:

    haha cute la irfan ni.. tapi zahraa seriously turut bersedey.. sambil lap tu dia akan buat isk isk isk.. – errr dgn rupa nk nangis.. at times it feels comfort, and i feel so lucky to have a daughter .. but at times rasa kelakar pun ada – sbb i would say – tak de apa la zahraa.. nur kasih je.. mama ok…

  3. mye says:

    awww..sweet….haha…mama emo la tgk nur kasih kekekeke…

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