I rarely make western food for Zahrein, as he is not really a fan. But after some time now- our dish eery weekend will rotate in between fried macaroni or spaghetti bolognnaise. However, since we went to Zul’s house for raya, Zahrei now had his heart for lasagna. He request me for some. Wow.. its quite challenging for me – as I never make it, not having idea how to .

Thanks to my friend, the internet and Mr Google.
I found a recipe that I think could work for me..

So here’s the first attempt of making lasagna… verdict – delicious, but upper layer is a bit hard; the topping not covering the upper layer in full, or a bit too long in the oven.

The first attempt thougt me a lot. See?? its not that high.. the tomato sauce layer should be thicker..

This is the filling – the tomato sauce.

Before going into the hot steel box
Second attempt – this time I prepared more tomato sauce filling and cheese layer.

In the making, thats the first layer of tomato sauce/filling.
Taraaa!!! the secod attempt is much more better.. much more tasty…

Say hello to my hot still box – the oven la.. kecik je. tapi berjasa..

!st layer of the tomato sauce


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