the family day

The family day :d

We havent got a chance to get some holiday – or at least a bit of fun – for quite some time (shopping bukan holiday la.. hahah) So Zahrein gave this idea of having a BBQ – since my office’s BBQ asyik tak jadi je – plan je.. tak pernah nak jadik pun – or maybe its difficult if there’s so many members in the pot. So had a BBQ among us, and Along’s family. We use this grill set given by my mom in law some time ago – the week after we got marreid, I think.. Zahrein dont even remember we had this. We usually just use the grill oven.

So that day- activity was swimming!!!!! Zahrein and Zahrein, those kids and Abang Long went swimming.. This is the first time I capture thier picture from our house .. malas la nak turun bawah 😛 and tehre’s some lamb to grill as well upstairs.. heheh
Thats Zahraa and her dadddy.. phewittt

Thats Husna

Zahraa saw me!!!

Hheheh those two guys..

Trying to zoom in..

The excitement!

We did the grilling in the house!!! hahaha We use the electril bbq set. I thought of doing it in the balcony – but there’s no electrical point there… so – pengajaran nya – rumah baru kena ada plug point kat balcpny :D. There’s a bbq pit at the pool area- but I think its ore comfortable to eat in the house. Poor litle Nouf, she bought her picnic set .. she tought we are having in by the pool side.. Sorry darling.. next time ok..
Zahrein- master grill… we grilled chicken, lamb and some corn. Chicken and lamb – already marinated – we bought from Kak Bibah – her marinates are yummy….. (and sonang kojo den)

The food for the day !!!

1. Grilled lamb

2. Grilled chicken drumstick n wings

3. Fried Macaroni

4. Potato salad

5. Garden salad

6. Brown sauce – my own made !!!! yippie!!! (made by request from Zahrein)

7. Corn

Alhamdulillah.. I am very happy – todya everything was made on our own – except for sos icli and thousand island sauce.. hahahha I am very happy because they are all finish!!!!


4 thoughts on “the family day

  1. Anonymous says:

    nak tanya grill tu, electric punye ke? ok tak? brand ape ye? i'm looking for one. TIA! 🙂

  2. kayla says:

    kami pun love to bbq! and ur right, mmg kena ada rumah with balcony, or at least a little yard. and mmg perlu ada socket utk plug in stuff, like lampu or kipas, or in ur case, electric bbq set. looks like a good weekend! rasa mcm nak pindah je pulak cari umah ada balcony or little yard.

  3. ZOORA says:

    yup.. the grill is electric punya.. ala2 mcm yg bakar satay elecgtric tu .. tapi bigger.. hmm i tak igat the brand.. nanti bali i belek kotak dia ya.. keyl.. tu la.. agaknya diorang tak buat sbb tak terfikir org nak bbq dlm rumah kot.. sbb dah ada bbq pit kat bawah 😛 next time 0 kena ingat.. balcony kena ada plug point!

  4. ZOORA says:

    I've check the grill. brand -iona- i myself pun tak pernah dgr… MIL yg bagi

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