tudung ratu

This post is to introduced tudung ratu. Its not that new.. I’ve seen thier add in metro .. err.. or cosmo err. either or.. I found their shop in Semua House, just by coincidence. They are quite different than other tudungs, as they have many style to offers, from small, to big, selendang to inner tudung, from lycra to net, from plain and cotton, and they even have those tudung like Dato Siti’s. ( in my opinion, I wouldnt call that a tudung, btw) I bought a few – to try some new style and get some new addition to the collection.
I bought – the tudung besar type – saw my ustazah wore this once. This is the first time i found a big tudung with pattern. Their pattern are pretty, and they are very very big. Its in seledang style, so you could style it any way you want. Too bad, mostly all small sizes was sold. So here I am in this. At first I want to sell this off – as I dot have any blouse to match this with.. but after a while – I thought.. what the hack.. pakai jela .. dah beli dah …

I also bought the selendang type – in net fabric – they are very comfortable to wear – cooling. But dont worry, it is long – so you have to lilit twice – so your neck wont be visible. BUt this one is a bit tricky to wear if you want to cover your chest. S0 – taraa.. here’s what i get.. 😀

Alamak.. makcik mana plak ni……


2 thoughts on “tudung ratu

  1. ~Dd LaLa says:

    the first time i visited your blog becuase i saw something u wrote about tudung de zahra. now u tulis pasai tudung permaisuri… i pun nak kena try neh…

  2. ZOORA says:

    eh.. bukan permasuri.. ratu… :d hehhhehe .. i suka jugak try tudung2 .. esp ada geng my sis in law yg suka rece tudung – she is more adventurous than me 😀 making review on tudung – hehe jadik hobi pulak sekarang 😀

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