i’m sick

i can explain all the blogging.. and no checking emails.. hahaha.. sorry to those who missed me 😀
I am sick.. bad, chesty cough.. sampai sakit perut menahan.. and sampai nak pecah anak tekak…

And those meds are making me sooo sleepyyy… sebab tu blog cepat2.. buat je apa yg patut .. sbb Zahraa tak de and sebab nak pi tido lepas tuu….

I’m still sick – tapi dpt mc satu hari je


4 thoughts on “i’m sick

  1. Drama Mama says:

    speedy recovery dear. zahra be a good girl kay, tolong suap mama makan ubat huhu

  2. ~Dd LaLa says:

    get well soon zoora…

  3. ZOORA says:

    tima kasih semua atas doa kalian 😀 I'm smiling.. that hud make me feel better kan kan kan ?? thanks to you all

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