baby essential.. worth, not worth

I have been tagged by Neeza, about baby essentials, which is worth and which is not.. it is fun to do!! thanks Neeza.. i’ve been thinking since Sunday, what are my list would be 😀

Worth it

1. Breast pump – mati ooo nak perah pakai tangan 😀
2. Sling – has been very very very helpful to us. It saved our life
3. Baby bath tub and safety net – err tak reti nak explain. Hmm bath tub baby i ntoice sekrang banyak betul jual.. brand yg hebat2 dan mahal2. Yang RM300.. imagine la.. untuk nak mandi je. I just bought tub oblong yang biasa, RM 24 dan sejenis bende – tak tau panggil apa.. ada dlm gambar zahraa kat vox. Just put it in any tub.. then boleh lay baby atas tu .. baby takkan jatuh, or tergolek.. very useful, that is bought at 1st few years RM 56.
4. digital termometer – sgt la berguna nya.. boleh tahu perlu bawak pi doktor ke tak.. should bagi paracetamol ke tak.. yang best nya mak abah nya pun tumpang guna jugak. To me, this one tka kisah la jenis apa.. janji ada, and its working. Ours yg arm pit thermometer tu.
5. Diaper bag – To us, it is usefull, sebab hantar zahraa pi nursery every day. It doesnt have to be anything fancy.. anything will do …, janji ada compartment yang sesuai.
6. Baby car seat – very useful to driving mothers. memang banyak sgt situation and cases anak tak nak duduk dlm tu .. but if you are alone, waht to do.. letak je la and just let the baby cry as long as she wants .. janji, tak payah pegang baby and drive. To me, my car seat guna sampai Zahraa 11 bulan je. Sebab masa dia dah jalan 10 bulan tu , dia refuse to be in it – so since then sampai sekarang dia pakai seat belt – like adults . i know.. bahaya kan???
7. Baby monitor – We dindt buy this thing. Sbb rumah kami kecik. anak bersin pun dengar. And she sleeps with us. But it is useful masa balik kampung. Rumah 2 tingkat. So kalau dia tido tgh hari, the monitor is useful la. Kadang duduk tingkat bawah tak dengar kat bilik atas. So saper duduk rumah 2 tingkat – memang perlu la baby monitor ni
8. Baby walker – we start masa Zahraa 4-5 bulan cam tu .. seronok, it helps her to stand, and practice her feet. It is very useful to feed her, when she starts on solid.
9. Baby high chair – of course, favorite. We use it till now, and will keep on using it, sampai la tak maut nak masuk dah.
10. Sterilizer – as long as you breastfeed.

Not worth at all.

1. Stroller – we are discussing baby essential rite?? Memang tak guna langsung. It only became useful when she turns 1 1/2 yo
2. Bottle warmer – there’s always another alternative to be use. Doesnt really have to be it.
3. Baby cot – I’m not sure about this, but I think taking her in and out thru the nite has been my rutine. I think I’ll skip this if I could turn back time. A mattress on the floor is more useful and safe
4. Bumper cot set – The first thing I bought for the baby. It end up making the cot hot. Baby tak boleh tido and berpeluh peluh. THose yang ada air cond ok kot
5. Baby rocker/bouncer – We have that fisher price baby rocker, Zahraa is ok to be on it.. its just that the rocker doesnt work to put her to sleep. And the vibrating mode, it just make her to look fot the button and play with it. The bouncer – the old metal bouncer with net at her nursery – this works better to put her to sleep.
6. neck support pillow – its a toy for Zahraa to make joke now, and being funny

Hmm other than this.. I cant remember – and actually we dont really have a lot of stuff – just basics. Mattress cover untuk salin napkin tu pun we just use the simple tollyjoy brand yang dulu dulu tu – not the mothercare one – it works the same way.

Actually when it comes to baby essential, I notice nowadays there is a lot of stuf in the market. Sometimes its over-d0 (or over spend). Ada ke berus botol pun nak beli brand mahal.. perlu kah.. and like tubs.. and like teether.. teether are just teether.. how fancy they are, tu untuk budak gigit je. And many other stuff…I think supposely we should choose whats worth or not.

But if you think you have the money to spend all out tak pe la kan.. its yours by the way 😀

Oh.. almost forgot.. I have to tag someone kan
hmm.. tiru neeza la kan.. bagi gelaran 😀

1. Always on top of the list – MYE SHMONTEL
5. CUPPY CAKE MUMMY – Can u make me a cake ? 😀


2 thoughts on “baby essential.. worth, not worth

  1. Anonymous says:

    -owhh..kena masuk dlm wishlist aku baby monitor tu! *wink*wink*.-how come ko tak guna stroller?? sgt useful masa gi shopping sbb stroller boleh tolong bawakkan barang2 yg dishopping LOL-babycot….bagi la baby cot ko tu kat aku kalau xmoh, hehe. nantilah aku buat review, tgk barang2 yg aku shopping kali ni useful ke tak..***mye yg montel (amboi kata aku shmontel ya..anak aku ler yg shmontel! xpe, xpe,,,tak lama lagi aku slim balik!!)***

  2. ZOORA says:

    kah kah kah.. banyak nya bende wink wink ni.. nak yg mana ni 😛 kah kah kah ..stroller serius tak guna sgt.. baby tak mo duk dlm tu .. rasa mcm bengong je tolak stroller kosong. 😛 Cot?? hmm kalau tiap 20 minit kena gi ambik.. hmm buat penat je. kah kah kah… aku nantikan pengsliman!! BF byk2 okeh

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