out of my lungs

Remember how she loves upin and ipin.
now that she talks a lil.. she imitates as well.. and this video really gives us a laugh.. and good feeling all day long. So i wanna share this with you all



3 thoughts on “out of my lungs

  1. kayla says:

    hehehe comel giler zahra! apa yg dia geram sangat tu? selang2 geram and saying 'go'! heheheh aku pun ketawa sama

  2. mye says:

    hahahahahahaha….apinnnnn!! bersemangat betul zahra!

  3. ZOORA says:

    in geng movie. ada budak rajoo tu .. panggil lembu dia sapiii…. go.. sapii.. stop.. lembu tu kind of dengar ckp budak tu and budak tu nak proof kat orang. SO Zahraa ni imitate rajoo tu la ni..kitornag mmg pecah perut gelak. walhal kat tv tu tgh tgk astro awani… tetiba dia jerit mcm ni

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