zahraa at the end of the year

End of the year wrap up.. well.. i wanted to do wrap up on myself.. but cant find time to do that..
errr. kinda so busy at this very end of the year…

So a wrap up for Zahraa.
Zahraa is now 22 months.. and will be 2 in 2 months, insyallah.. she now could :

1. Eat on her own, either with hands, spoon or fork
2. Manage to use straw, but still wants bottle for still
3. She recognize alphabets; only some like M, O, P, S, T, U, W, H, Z, B, G .. her favorite is always O and M.. shouted O and M when she sees then anywhere
4. She can count 1-10 , but only recognize 4 and 9
5. She recognize Alif only in the arabic alphabet.. but can follow from alif to ya – need more practice
6. Now loves to climb on chairs and table
7. Can float in water
8. Still need company to fall asleep
9. Can sleep at her own place – not yet room
10. Still wakes up in the mid on night
11. Starts humming songs
12. Knows the drill – Kalau tarik handbreak, dia akan cakap; sampai dah… kalau pakai kasut.. she’ll go straight to the door, kalau bukak tv-she sill sit on the cushion.. bla bla bla
13. Says a few things correcty, but still cant manage to tell us what she wants
14. Love stacking things and could do that shape sorter thing without help
15. Always wanted to do things on her own
16. Loves the pool, love books, toys – not so much. Only toys that relate to animals could attract her more than 2 days. Stacks, and sorting out blocks are toys for her
17. Loves chicken and fish – sometimes too much
18. Still has constipation problem – on and off
19. Imitates whats on tv, imitates me, imitates Zahrein
20. Let me do her hair nowadays
21. Love bookstore
22. Getting heavier – cant really wear her nowadays
23. Shows affection – gives hugs and kisses generously
24. Chooses who to be close with- Chooses which stranger to talk to
25. Had bad teeth issue
26. Has tantrums when tired and hungry
27. Still refuse Dr Hasanah

What else .. tehre’s so many things to describe her :P… heheh i wnt to remember this moment.. arghh!! she’s growing too fast


2 thoughts on “zahraa at the end of the year

  1. kayla says:

    wow zoora, dah besar zahraa ye.. so fast almost 2 yrs dah dia ya? and i still haven't met her! tak sabar nak meet her for real nnt bila kita catch up in penang. now boleh start to teach her to say "aunt-tee-kay-la" ye 😀

  2. ZOORA says:

    oo hh yeah.. ok.. i will teach her.. aunti kayla for sure!!!!!!

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