the new year has begin

Wow.. I haven’t been writing like what? A year???? Hah! A few weeks.. I was busy at the end of the year, finishing off whatever needed to be done before the holiday. Then I had a loooong holiday; from 24th Dec to 2nd January .. well. thats almost a year isnt it? 😀 Then the new year kick off with so many things on hands to get on. And it still does.
Seems the 2010 jump start was quite a jectic one for me.. with meetings, and commitments all thru the 1st week. I guess I just have to change the formation of my previous life cycle. 4-4-2 doenst seems to work anymore – hey .. what crap am I saying here… hahha (seems like the World Cup fever kicks off early this year) No.. what I mean is.. there’s a lot of thing I need to revive, and change working style.. and do less honeymooning. I have some new projects in hands to commence this year.

And it is totally a change in hour home sweet home too!!! Zahrein is studying again!!!! Doing something no one could guess he will do ever! It looks quite not right at first, and happen all in a flash – but I am not the first to comment or protest, yet I am the first to support, and try to re-adjust whatever we already had for years. Its good for him, its just that he has to work harder, and mange his time. He is good at that, I am not worry. Hope he achieve success.

And Zahraa, the lil one, lil gem in our home – has been so magnificently blooming and melt our heart. She is fast learner, and behaving more than her age now. Yes, she was naughtier every single day, but that was all her, trying to grow up and explore what she can do.

I pray that this year, will bring us all hapiness, blessing, strong faith and believe, good health and prosperity as well. And may this blog goes on with good writing and info.

What resolution?? well.. that could take another entry or to 😛


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