I had the TMJ

It started when I was in Kl, spending my holidays with family. The unwelcomed syndrome drove me mad, which make my holiday turns sour. Luckily there were times when hubby took me shopping – which lesson the pain (whoaaa.. shopping has always been the best therapy for women, for whatever sickness…). I thought, I slept on the wrong side, then thought I might ate something hard, and at last, when my gums got swollen – we finalised the culprit to be my wisdom tooth-which has been there sometimes for years (poor ugly white thing!).

Until it was 3 weeks after, the jaw doesnt seems right. The teeth and gums are all okay, but the jaw keeps on clucking. Till the GP told me to see a dentist, which I did (and had to spend time surrendering my mouth and teeth to her, and surrender more than hundred ringgit too) and she told me – it has got nothing to do with my teeth! And it was no urgency at all to took off the wisdom tooth. In the end – it was STRESS!!! Yeah, you heard me.. just stress!!!

And of course, our good friend Mr Google gives us some hints.. From here

Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ as most people call it, is a painful disorder of the joints of the jaw. Characterized by a clicking or popping in the jaw when opening the mouth, TMJ can also cause headaches, ear ringing, painful chewing and dizziness.

Over time, these symptoms tend to become progressively worse, leading many to look for TMJ cures to help relieve the suffering.

There isn’t one specific thing that can lead to TMJ but here is a list of the Top 5 most common causes of TMJ:

1. Teeth grinding and teeth clenching (bruxism)

2. Constant gum chewing or fingernail biting

3. Dental problems and misalignment of the teeth (malocclusion).

4. Trauma to the jaws

5. Stress

TMJ symptoms vary from person to person. There are also a wide variety of symptoms that may seem to affect areas other than the TM joints, particularly the ears, head, face and teeth.

Here is a list of the Top 5 most common symptoms of TMJ:

1) Jaw clicking or popping if the most common symptom. There may or may not be pain associated with the pop

2) TMJ Locking – The jaw may lock partially when opening or closing the mouth

3) Headaches – This is a symptoms that I am very familiar with. The temples, back of the head, and even the shoulders may ache.

4) Ear Problems – This could be ear pain, stuffiness, fullness or even a loss of hearing. I tend to have pain behind the jaw, radiating up to the ear.

5) Sensitive Teeth – Along with headaches and ear problems, TMJ can cause sensitive teeth. It’s often hard to distinguish between teeth problems and TMJ.

Cure???? Well, there’s no really a medical cure to it. Doctors just prescribed me with some antibiotics, pain killers and some pills to reduce swelling. And the net says – it will be cured when the reasons are eliminated. Ouch!!! That means more weeks of pain to me. DOctors suggest me to rest, give your self some time and rest??? In the beginning of the year?? yeahhh rightttt..

And thinking back – do I have anything or do anything that leads me to this stressful situation?? Let me think..
yeah.. maybe I did indeed.
1. Struggle with my staffs, to get things done.
2. Worrying of the due date – to get job done
3. Sudden bundle of workload
4. Hatred to the boss
5. NO BONUS? Hahahahahha
6. Zahraa’s behaviour change while in KL. She became naughty, cant be control, screaming and crying – name it
7. I cant get things controlled under my nose
8. Or maybe I’m just tired

Eliminate stress?? Seems like that need a big effort from me


4 thoughts on “I had the TMJ

  1. i had the same experience before. jumpa doctor dia kata u kena banyak rehat because u kena ni sebab stress. so i berhat la. get enuff sleep and within three days it as gone.dan having this sickness is really irritating sebab each time u chew sure bunyi kruk krak kruk krak…sabar ye zura… u rehat cukup2. paling penting tidur awal. mesti hilang punya.

  2. Dayah says:

    saya rasa saya pun penah kena tapi taktau la sama ke idak,smue simpton tu sama except I dun have headache..sakit bukan berminggu almost 2 months, because different doc prescribe me with different medicine. tapi byk yg soh rehat, jgn terlalu stress on chewing .last2 ubat habis, buat dunno je..rest dan alhamdulillah, skg dah ok..

  3. ZOORA says:

    i tot i'm the only one kena!! even hubby pun ckp; mcm2 hal la mama ni.. glad ada org kena and glad i heard lama2 dia ok ek? hope ok la.. doakan k.. tak suka dah this popping jaw!! kena pegnag jaw kalau makan.. huhuhuhu

  4. mye says:

    huh..penyakit apa pulak ni…pernah la kena jaw-locked ni, tapi tak de la sampai berbulan2!(mintak kat bos nak cuti vacation awal tahun..hehe)

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