comment on enterprise lab

U didnt get praise from your work every day. Usually it just came from co-workers, client, or other consultants. But today, I found a written comment from another blog by Jeffrey Lim on my design of Enterprise Lab.

Here’s what he wrote:

As state government is pushing for ICT and K-economy development.

Our state GLC has spent 1.6 million building a facility call ‘enterprise lab’ inside mayang mall which my office is currently located.

During the renovation of the facility, i thought the office is utilised by a US or Singapore based multi national company because the design was exclusive, high tech and great!

Seems that our state government really putting the money to benefit the incubatees who are going to be the tenant for the new facility.

The whole facility is segregated into 2 portion, one is tech lab which would be run by MDec ( who is using it to run programs for the recipients for technopreneur pre seed grant. The other side are for other new ICT startup to rent at a lower than market rate price to startup their companies.

PDC decided to outsource this incubation centre to the industry as they feel that it would be better for the industry to come in and manage it so that the incubatees can gain knowledge and experience from the industry immediately.

The final decision was to let ’scope’ software consortium of penang, ‘techbiz’ bumiputra technology business association, ‘PAC’ penang automation cluster and ‘PRFC’ penang radio frequency cluster which are all cluster of penang state under the division ‘invest penang berhad’ to handle.

In the end a cluster alliance was formed which consist of all cluster chairman to handle the overall planning. Going through the costing of the incubation centre, i realize that incubation is really a money losing machine which cannot generate profit from it’s core business which is incubation.

But with assistance from state government and federal government, the overall business model can barely breakeven. But for the sake of Penang state, which i also don’t want to see more ‘white elephants’ come out. It is most probably that the ‘cluster alliance’ would take up the responsibility.

Oh yes.. please dont make this a white elephant.. I really hope they utilize this up to max. I enjoyed as much this project, even though it took some time to kick off and finish up.


3 thoughts on “comment on enterprise lab

  1. kayla says:

    that sounds great zoora!

  2. ZOORA says:

    alhamdulillah.. yeah.. hope i could something like this again. its a fun project

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