hard rock hotel review: the room

We’ve spent a night at the brand new Hard Rock Hotel Penang last weekend. It was.. hmm.. should I say a blast?? Let me say, hmm it was a.. hmm an extraordinary weekend to remember. -Sleeping surrounded by The Beatles and Elvis Pressly pics are considered very extraordinary to us- The hotel was great, very different that among other hotel. It was once Casuarina Hotel Penang, which then turn into Hard Rock Hotel last year. The opening of it does rocks Penang whereby people visit it very frequent. The bell boy said on school holidays, the Hotel and cafe was like a pasar malam-flooded with people who wants to get a sneek peek to it.
The Hotel did renovation on the interior, while the layout of the rooms maintain. Major changes are on the ground floor, pool area, landscape and facilities.

Of course, there always gonna be review. Pictures aren’t in order.. sajer je put that way … 😛

The hotel seems to work on small detailings, which tend to make everything to be interesting and unique. They dont offer grandeur like concept – like other hotels, but more to fun and cool.. Just look at this stiches on the pillow case. cool huh? 😀

I love .. i mean loooveeeee the carpet.. so new- so trendy.. it gives the room a different atmosphere. To some people carpet are just carpet.. you step on it… but look, even Zahraa loves it too

aik??? Zahraa nak jadi mcm Auntie Mawar ke.. jadik secretary abah ya?????? I dont really like the side table.. but i know what they are trying to do.. which is a mix of modern and classic features.

This is what i’m saying.. the side table is err.. no star given for this choice. A red side table would do great here. Then only the side table pops.

And this cushion is cute too.. I think so many people would want to have this. I wonder how many of it has been stolen.

Cool carpet rite??? They have the same pattern on the hallway, but in different colour and layout.

A simple writing table. They dont put expensivie furnitures just simples one. I think, the price of the room is a bit expensive if comapre to the furnitures in the room. Its rm 399 – standard room.. err. I thnk la..after discounts.

I dont understand this at all.. can someone explain this to me.. the toilet has a sliding wall, which runs on a ceiling mounted rail. When it was open- a big mirror are ready to use – but the whole room can see you. IF you close them, you just get mirror at the side, and Mr Elvis appears to be looking at you while bathing. I dontt understand why.. kalau nak romantic, just put a glass wall then, with a curtain inside. And guess what? it cant be locked!!

Here’s what in looks like in the bathroom, if you close the slide. It is a nice counter with cool sink rite? But the design seems to fail, water splash out when you use the tap.. leaving the counter all wet.

But overall.. the bathroom is cool.. and nice-made from non expensive brands, but seems to end up great. Zahraa suka jugak toilet ni.. dia main kat dlm tu.

This one is totally out. The lamination of the tv set doenst match with the interior at all.. just do it white then, it will be simple, nice and most important, complement other stuffs.

We’r on the second floor, so this is the view from our room – not so hot … but the pool slide ready does tempt us….

Here’s the room, overall. I think the ambiance of the room owuld be much better if they use red coloured curtain.

Writing table bu the window. Yes, they dont have dressing table.

We wrongly been given double bed.. but we are so lazy to change room.. at the end, we request one baby cot for Zahraa, because she kept on putting herself in the split.

Thats all for the room. Overall, I give it 3.5 star. There’ll be more review coming on the other facilities of the hotel. Keep on rockin’ readin’ fellassss


3 thoughts on “hard rock hotel review: the room

  1. Weh p HR xajak pon..xmau kawan..huh! heheh..(tdi petang Zahra dok kira my mole..paling tahan dia tujuk yg kat tngah dahi ni..hahahha)

  2. Upps..error : paling tak tahan..

  3. ZOORA says:

    nanti kita pi sama nak????

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